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hi everyone soz hubbys been ill so not been on !

Hi everyone sorry not been on my hubbys been really poorly Just been dx with another tumour as well so knocked me back a bit ! Tried to catch up on the posts but theres that many I didnt know where to start really .
Ive got real problems with my hands as well at the moment so typings bit difficult ! Saw an orthopedic consultant monday just gone and he said its not carpal tunnel definatley neurological and ive got structural damage to my shoulder from the fall I had in august Oh well never rains it pours Trying to be positive The ortho fellas referred me for some nerve conduction studies of hand arms, and ct scan of shoulder to see what the problem is there hes also wrote to my neuro asking her to seem me again before my next appointment !! Lots of love to everyone anyway chris
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Your right honey, when it rains it sure does pour, or at least it has on you and yours.  God wont give you more than you can handle so keep your faith and know that he is with you both.

I'm thankful that you where able to write in and let us know so that we can put you in our prayers.  Hang in there hon, it will get better.

I'll be praying,
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Trying my best to be positive carol thank you thoughts are appreciated Sorry ive not been about to support anyone else feel bit selfish ! just been bit deep in thoughts plus hands driving me nuttss at moment
xxx chris
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Hi Hun,

So sorry for the news on your husband that sure is a knock back!!
The forum is so busy i get lost LOL
Its so nice to hear from you again im sorry your having health problems too, i hope that gets sorted soon.

Your in my prayers both of you, i pray you have family and friends to support you.


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Hi, Chris. I had a bad feeling that your Hubby was not doing well. I am so sorry. You're right, you do have your hands full.  I'm so sorry about the damage to your shoulder. Let us know what the tests show, ok? Hugs, Sheila
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hi samantha thank you I know your having arough time as well and like ttoo wish you all the bset for test reeeesults sorry spellings problems hands i got lost posts as welll my kids are good so take things dayss by days good luckkkkkkkkk with tests
xxxxx c
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read postss so sorryy tings awful ourrs 34th wddinggs annversary too 17th gone novem taking thinnggs as they com xx will post what happns tests try postings when ccan use hands bit better lol lots love to you and yours and everyone else xxxxxxxxx
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So sorry your hands are playing up hun, i really pray things improve for you too. WOW 34th we are on are third LOL we have been together for 7 and its a secong marriage for us both so we are old timers at it LOL not as much as you too, thats wonderful that you have been together all those years.

Lots of Love

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Chris, I am so worried about you and your hubby. I'm praying for both of you. Love & Hugs, Sheila
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