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how's your weather?

It is positively Fall-like around here.  Raining, windy and a chilly 12c, that's low 50's for the Americans.  I like cool weather but this is ridiculous!
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i live n maryland its mid 90s with heat index 110 to 115. its hhhooootttt, cant wait until fall.
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I live in Oklahoma and we have had about 23 days of temps over 100* with heat index's all the way up to 120*... It's down right miserable... We haven't had rain for about 2 months either... I pray every day for GOD to give us a break... I'm a prisoner in my home because I can't go out at all...

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I am in No, California and its near 100 here now but we don't have the humidity.  And I have not been outside really.

I love Winter !!

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I think about those of you who are in that very hot, humid weather...I think I would die, seriously!

hugs, meg
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I would love to be Canada now. It's 98+ now sure about index level. Staying inside taking care of my daughter who had kidney stones removed yesterday!!

Just wandering in the winter does the cold bother you with your MS? Hope not!
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I wanna be there!!!!!!!!
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ok I'll stop complaining, how do you all handle that kind of heat?!  what do you each do to stay cool?  I hope you have AC!

Dee, the extreme winter cold (minus 40C = minus 40F) does worsen the paresthesia in my hand.  After shoveling the walk and scraping the icy windshield, by the time I get to work, my hand feels frostbitten even though it's not.  It takes an hour or so for me to warm up before I can keyboard accurately.  That's my only symptom that is exacerbated by the cold.  
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Maybe I should consider moving, but have lived in the south all my life. My AC runs 24/7 and huge electric bills. I carry ice packs with me when I know I will be out in heat. My daughter plays ball and we are out in it quite a bit watching her games. I make many trips to car to cool down in the AC. Spring and winter is really nice here. We even got snow 3 times last year. It's a big deal here because it is so rare!! It was kinda of nice.
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It is near 100 hundred most days with heat index higher with high humidity. It is like this from May through September every year. It stays hot into October some years. I keep my a/c at 80 and that is cool. I can't go out at all at all right now. A trip to the car brings on MS. Even opening the door to call my dog is out. It did not used to be like this.

I used to work on 135+ degree roofs all day.

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