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i need some advice

I was diagnosed last June. Currently I'm an executive chef at a local country club, yes the stress is tremendous at times and the heat in the kitchen gets to points my body just slows to a crawl. I've been fighting fatigue and just can't push myself like I used to. Long hours are a requirement in my line of work but I'm having more and more problems keeping up. I'm in no way crying about the ms its more of a point that I'm 33 and thinking of a career change because obviously I can't continue like I am currently. I've done this since I was 16 I have no other skills aside from a good work ethic, I have no clue how to even go about this or where to begin I have 2 fantastic sons that I don't want to let down. Anyone have some advice?
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Any job in a restaurant is too taxing...especially from one with MS.  I know, I began in the business by lying at age 14 and stayed until I was 17.  The hours are horrible.  The heat from the kitchen still haunts me today.  You are on your feet 24/7.  You are lifting things that weight more than you...and none of it ever stops.

You are smart to get out.  I would call the state you live in.  Some do have programs to educate you and help with expenses (the children) until you are trained in another field.  I know the state I live in is very generous.  It makes sense for them to do so....or let's face it, you end up on their dollar at a very young age.

I will be thinking about you and send strength.  I hope karma sends you in the right direction.
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Have you thought about using your skills out of the kitchen, as in teaching? I've changed my career a few times but found utalising the skill base i've already got is often more advantagous in carees just left of centre to the one i'm getting out of. I know a few people in your industry that are now out of the kitchen but their new career needed their culunary expertise.

Chef works for local councel investigating restaurants
Chef oversees apprentices at their places of work, driving is involved
Chef teaches at a community college
Pastry chef who now teaches at the main state college

Just giving you some ideas to think about.

Good luck..........JJ
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Hi there,
Welcome to the forum,

My DH was a head chef, he left school at 16 with no qualifications, di half a college course but worked his way up in the kitchen. At 28 he changed career completely and joined the police force. (Obviously not due to illness) he was front line policing. Then he had an accident with a rotavator and was unable to do front line, he stayed in the force and went into intellegence which was more office based.

The thing with working in a kitchen is you know what hard work is.

Have a think about your hobbies is there something you could turn into a job. Or perhaps still chefing but not so hand on more managerial. You can do it don't be frightened as it's outside your comfort zone. Remember quality of life is the most important thing.

Hope this helps


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I ended up going back to school to further my career when I was 37 because I was in restarant management and it became to much for me as well. I know that going back to school is a scary thought but it is the only way I can figure to get into a new career.

Since I was 14 I have been working in retail, grocery or restaraunts and for the past 13 years I was in management. Too much over load for my brain and body.

I wish you luck
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Many States although funding is limited have help through DHHS. Vocational Rehabilitation. Here in NC we have Specialists who can talk to us and test to see what direction to go in. Community Colleges often have Certificate Programs for a new career which are 12-18 months. Usually they also have help for folks with disabilities at the guidance office. The problem is the funding cuts to so many programs. Community colleges sometimes have short classes one exploring a new career. With our fluctuating work force there are lots of people of all ages having to rethink a career. Who knows may be you could be a nutritionist. I bet you could have some great recipes. Or go in a whole other direction.

My MS caused me to change careers many times. It is funny how many directions I went in. I did not know I had MS and was down on myself for not being able to stick with things.

I do not know how big your local NMSS chapter is. Ours is large and has social worker to help steer you to programs. You might google Erikaslist.org there might be resources there as well.

Do not knock a good work ethic.

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