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internal vibration and buzzing???

Has anyone here experienced internal vibrations in hips and legs and weird little buzzing spots in hand and feet?  I can feel them but can't see them!!!  
MS Symptom?
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I have the symptom you describe when I bend my neck forward.  It is more pronounced for me during and after exercise.  It is called Lhermitte's Sign (when activated by the bending of the neck), and caused by a lesion on the C-spine.  For me it can be either like a shock throughout my whole body down to my toes, or, buzzing in specific spots.  Lately it has been mostly in the front of my right thigh.  Always activated by bending my neck; it does not happen spontaneously.

Lhermitte's was the very first indicator of my MS.  I first experienced it in May 2006 for a few months, then it disappeared.  It came back just before Xmas.  

Does it happen when you bend your neck forward, or is it all the time?  

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Every blessed day of my life!

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Hi Syndi,

I had buzzing in the right side of my face , left shin area , between my toes on right foot . I had it all the time ,it wasn't brought on by anything , like bending neck , just there .  the spot on my leg started small , about the size of a quarter and grew , over a months time, to most of my shin.This lasted for maybe six months and then all of it subsided for two months.    I now have other sensations in these areas .
Remember everyone is different. I am not dx.ed.

I do get a shudder like thingy in chest .

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I have it in my hands from time to time. Nothing sets it off that I know of. It just happens and it drives me nuts!
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Well, I havent noticed that it happens when I bend my head down.  It just comes and goes... Like one day it is there, the next it is gone.  I have had my shoulder blades tingle when I bend my head, but that happened for only one day then went away.   I do twitch every day !!! Freaky!!!!!
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i just started that in my one leg.
it comes and goes.i have tremors on my
left side of my body every day. can't even hold a cup.
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I've had several occasions where I actually checked my cell phone, only to find it never buzzed.  I've had buzzing, twitching, tingling, goose bumps (without the bumps).  None of these hurt, and they even amuse me at times.  The best description for most of my odd sensations . . . it feels like I've just let go of an electric fence.  

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Yes, unfortunately I buzz too!  I have had mine also since all my other syptoms started.  Mine are full body all the time but get worse when my other symptoms get worse.  

Sorry you have this too!  I have been learning to live with it but the first few months were hard, it felt like I could never relax because I was always vibrating.

Take care!
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i buzz too its just always there and i too am not diagnosed yet... they say "probable MS" whatever is "probable MS" havent figured that one out yet???
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Yes definitely, I have quite a bit of buzzing. lol  Mine is different locations at different times.

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What about numbess or vibrations in the lips.  I get that occasionally and vibrations in different parts of my body.
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I also buzz and vibrate due to MS.  It's like my teeth are always chattering....the severity fluctuates throughout the day and from one day to the next.  It started one day after a vigorous workout.  I felt like I was being shocked.  It got better for a while and now I have it basically all the time.  I was only diagnosed in November, so I keep hoping it will go away.  Good luck and best wishes to all of you!!  
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I was going to jump in her for the first post and remark that this topic comes up about every two months.  The internal vibrating, buzzing, electric shock, jelly-jiggling sensations.  Many neuro's seem puzzled by them.  But, last spring the Neuro Forum had one cvalled "I Feel Like I'm Vibrating" and they finally closed it to new comments after 99 posts all agree that they knew the feeling.  (I think the program won't go above 99 responses).

We have had this question here a couple times too.  from what I can tell this is a major, uncomfortable sensation in MS and maybe in other neuro diseases.  Yet, I have never seen it mentioned.  Interesting.

BTW - Mine is in my left thigh.  It feels like the jelly-legs you get when you workd out too hard.  I guess I'm going to have to slack of on my endurance reclining training.

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I just posted yesterday about the same thing.  It feels like the buzzing sensation pulses.  (the buzzing reminds me of the feeling you get when placing your hand on a motor thats running)  I have had the buzzing on and off for the last 15 months.  It lasts for seconds or minutes at a time and comes and goes.  Hands and feet and knee the most.    I also get vibrating in the lips, presently when I change my facial expression to smile or talk, I get tingling / vibrating in right corner of mouth. (on and off for the last 3 days ) I've been to a neurologist , (that I am about to "fire" for addressing my problems by telling me I worry too much instead of testing for the problem) and have an appointment today to see someone new for another evaluation.  We will see if he is more helpful and listens better.  I just want a doctor to do his job and figure out whats going on instead dissmissing my abnormal sensations.  They are so distracting.
Take care and god bless,
mommy mel
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Wow!  We are all vibrating, buzzing out there!  Thank you all for your posts.
I had a suspicion that MS did this, but I have not mentioned this to my neuro.  They dont give you time and I think they have me pegged as looney all ready...
I suppose I have so many questions about "does anyone else have this symptom".  New to this stuff, but let me tell you, I have learned so much from this forum!!!  It ROCKS!!!!  Thank you Quix for giving all of us your knowledge and time!  Hope you start to feel better.  I will post another thread about another symptom soon I am sure!  Haha
All have a very unvibrating day!
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Just wanted you to know that I have the buzzing thing.  I've had it for the past week or so pretty much non-stop and it is my whole body.  Finally the other day I started tremoring and went to the doctor today.  Of course the tremoring was much less but buzzing continued.  The doctor takes about 2 seconds to race through an exam and then tells me that he feels I have psychological issues and need to see a psychiatrist.  Are you kidding me???!!!!!!!  You can't even imagine how mad I was but unfortunately just cried rather than speaking my mind.  I was so upset.  Here I am going to this idiot for help and all he can tell me is he thinks it's in my head!!  Unfortunately to get an appt. with a new neurologist I have to wait several month and I'll probably just end up with another high paid doctor who can't spare a minute to speak with me or even understand what I'm going through.  I can't even believe it.
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I have had it.  It was the worst when I was recovering from my big exacerbation. Lasted a month or two.  Also it seemed worse when I was on Xanax.
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I have never heard anyone mention the lip sensations you described.  It happens to me once in awhile.  Feels like my lips aren't there at times and other times like someone is holding a vibrator to them.  The feeling lasts about an hour, maybe less and thankfully doesn't happen all  the time.

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I also have this.  I have the buzzing feelings in my upper thigh and hip and right arm throught the day, which is worse in the evenings.

I also get a buzzing thing going on before an attack that originates in my neck, making it feeling like my whole body is riding a big-wheel down a hill.  Then, the tremors start up which can be seen in my neck/head, because my head is bobbling back and forth. My voice will also be shaky.  When the tremors start to not be seen and calm down, the buzzing feeling returns.  It then disappears when the attack is over.

So, for me, this is the feeling I get before I get tremors (which I will typically get during an attack with other symptoms/problems going on).

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I vibrate too! And Deb I have the stupid vocal tremors too. I hate them the most!  My right foot/leg vibrates and it feels like there's a motor running in the floor. When I lift my feet off the floor it's better but it's still there.  I'm a limbolander though so go figure!  Aren't you glad to know it's a common symptom....!!!

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I have noticed today the hip vibration, its been going on for the least 30 minutes, its like having an electric shaver placed on my right hip and being turned on. Being an ex athlete, the weightroom, football, I was wondering if anyone else in sports has felt this? I'm in my mid-50's.
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Hi Outdoor 338, Welcome to the MS forum here - I don't believe we have met yet.  You might want to start a new post on this topic because many people won't read these old threads and your question might be missed.

I hope that makes sense.  Anway, welcome again and I will look for your question!

be well,
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I've actually tried to find the buzz in all the research doc's i read, it doesn't seem to get a mention but there does seem to be a heck of a lot of MSers talking about this buzz feeling. I've been thinking it might fall under the heading of 'tremor' though tremor isn't fully explained either but most people would know what a tremor is because its visible. I've been leaning towards the buzz being an internal rappid form of tremor in the sensory systems (paresthesia), nothing to draw for that opinion, sorry.

I first asked my gp about this vibration (buzz) feeling i was experiencing 3 or 4 years ago, i feel it all over, my intire body vibrates, its invisible to anyone else. I use to check my heart rythm because i really thought my heart was tacikardic, it never was but i couldnt work out why i felt like my body was buzzing. I noticed it first when i had to get up for the loo in the middle of the night, half asleep and I was doing this bzzzbzzzbzzzbzzzbzzzbzzzbzzzbzzzbzzzbzzz i always expected my heart rythm to be running wild but i always had a normal beat. GP passed it off as 'stress' related, i dont know about you but i sure dont feel stressed when i'm still 1/2 asleep, i've not a care in the world then. I've not mentioned it again but i now feel it continually, day or night it just happens but is a destinctly different feeling from the never ending head to toe visible tremors that i'm still doing (think washing machine spin cycle) i can see those tremors but not feel it like the internal (i must of swallowed a vibrating thingymajig) buzz one.

I also get a buzz of sorts that happens anywhere, a shiver without the hair raising part, that lasts only seconds, just sensory tingles, it can be a spot on a limb or half my body and its again different from the tingly numbness i get on my extremities eg. fingers, nose. None of these things hurt like the Lhermitte's Sign which is a different feeling again, but i'm sure each could be thought of as buzzing but they are very different feelings for me. I could be just weird.


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