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just a few questions for diagnosed patients from and un diagnosed patient

as an update, hopefully getting an MRI done soon, just to get some answers

now for some questions (anything will be helpful!!)
- can an mri be negative but a patient can still have ms?
- are sleep issues a common thing for ms patients?
- what about a positive ana test? but its on the low side?
-what about a spinal tap? should i ask if that would be a good idea as well?
- has anyone ever ezperienzed extremly itchy skin, without the presence of hives rash or dry skin?
                - i have an extremly itchy back,mostly under where my bra is, my chest, upperthighs/buttocks sometimes, and right around my waist where my pants sit
- has anyone ever experienzed loss of sight that starts with everything slowly just turning back, and then sight returns usually soon after? what about hard time seeing in the dark at night?
- sometimes i have a feeling of something in my eye and its a sharp  pain and nothing seems to help, occasionally feels like i have glass in it or something , very painful, any suggestions?
- and this "ms hug"  i have been reading about, could that possibly explain the severe pain i get in my back, and the heavy feeling i get in my chest? i have gone to the er almost a month apart for these pains, originally they thought it was kidney stones but that was soon ruled out, and sometimes it i get a sharp pain if i laugh to hard.

also any suggestions to what i should say to the neurologist?
anything can help
thanks everyone

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The following is simply my experience, but it may help with some of your questions:

My first MRI's were read by a regular neuro and she stated that I did NOT have MS.  I found an MS Specialist who took those same MRI's and found lesions.  (Still was not diagnosed at this time but stated it was "probable")
My Spinal tap was "inconclusive"
Had a few more attacks and another MRI that showed lesions on the spinal column and got my diagnosis almost 1 year to the day that the 1st neuro dismissed me (by email, no less)

I have sleep issues but don't know if it's from MS or not.

Not certain about the itchyness.

I've never had the MS hug so can't help you there.

Please see a Specialist.  Document your symptoms and a time frame prior to the appt.  

Your eye issues should not wait if your appt is far out.  I never mess with my eyes.  It's easy to see an opthomologist.  My Neuro is also a neuro opthomolgist which helps but also makes it hard to get an appt.  

Sorry I couldn't have been of more help.  I just wanted to say that I have a definate diagnosis but started with a dismissal of "never mind, you don't have MS, forget what I said" from my 1st neuro.

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There are alot of things, like the itching that I do not know about. My theory would be if you are having an issue with your immune system then that could also trigger allergies that you did not have before, like to the laundry detergent that you have used for years. The immune system is a hard nut to crack.
I have had 3 neuros and they have all told me something different as far as the LP and the MRI. I was told negative across the board and then I was told that the MRI was "anomolous".  Then I was told that it was MS and that I needed to get on one of the meds for MS.
I'm not sure anyone knows what is what with this disease. There are so many different opinions and not enough definitive answers.
I hope that you get a good doc and that you do well. Remember that if it feels weird to you then you might want to get it checked out, especially your eyes. Don't mess around with your sight. Stay strong!

Christy D
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I don't know the answers to all your questions, but I'll take a stab at a few.

First, I recommend you look at the health pages (yellow icon in upper right). There's one called How Can a Person with MS Have a Negative MRI? and you should also look at the one called Paresthesias - Things That Go BUZZ in the Night which talks a little about itching as a paresthesia (whacked out sensation from something that isn't really there) in MS.

You should probably also look at the pages on the McDonald criteria which is how they diagnose MS and also there's a page on the mimics (things that can look similar to MS and have to be ruled out before they can say it's MS).

Unlike a lot of other autoimmune diseases, I don't think a high ANA is linked to MS. It's not part of the diagnostic criteria.

People do have sleep problems for various reasons with MS, but obviously lots of other things can cause this, too.

Hope you get some answers soon.

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A positive ANA result could indicate a variety of diseases but not MS. It shows in Lupus, Sjorgens, Raynaud’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatomyositis, mixed connective tissue disease, and other autoimmune conditions.  
Don't overlook that you could possibly have two different problems occuring to give you all these mixed symptoms.

stay in touch,
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