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large platelet count on last blood work (?)

Hello everyone!!!  Haven't been on here since I asked the question about Medicaid dropping me.  I still haven't been able to find anyway to get the rebif but I have enough to get two more months worth.

All the companies want me to have not been able to get the rebif for three months then they will help.  grrr.  

Anyway I had a question about my last blood test.  My neuro called and told me that the platelets were very large.  Also that they are just adequete.  So I am able to keep taking the rebif.  :).  

Very happy about that!!!  She wants me to go to a hemotology oncologist right away.  She also said its nothing to worry about,  Kinda scary to me.  Its also probably going to be very expensive.  

Just wondering if any one could let me know what it sounds like this is.  She also said that the platlets are clotting.  I could realy use some advice for this situation. I'm scared and I don't know what to think.

I cant help but think do I have something else now.  Things with my MS are really going well and now this.  
Help me.  <3

Thank u all always,

Have a wonderful new year!!!!  Huggs !!
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Hi,  platelets are meant to clot so nothing to worry about there.  Also, you have a low normal amount so also no extra risk of clots.  You shouldn't have a bleeding problem unless your platelets drop quite low...well below normal..

Having said this, the presence of large platelets indicate that something is wrong.  It could be something as simple as having had a virus that knocked your platelet count down and to compensate your bone marrow is throwing out young immature larger cells to make up the numbers.  It could also be
caused by medications, specifically anti inflammatories. More ominously, it can be caused by systemic problems like auto immune disease causing the spleen to destroy mature platelets and once again the bone marrow responding by producing large immature ones and throwing them into the blood too early.

Seeing a haematologist is a really good idea to get a definitive reason for your blood results.

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Large immature cells usually means your body is trying to deal with a low level or recover from something!  My red cells are usually large and immature as my body tries to make up for my being anemic due to my stem cell  transplant.

I think you will be able to get some reassurance from the hematologist, in my experience all the ones I've dealt with (aside from one) have been pretty good.  I have heard from some that because they deal with so many really sick people (cancer) if you have a less severe issue they have been given a brush off (wasting my time attitude) but I can't say that personally as I have a serious issue :|

were you taking medications that surpress bone marrow production? If you stop / lower the dose of  the med your levels should recover to normal. (chemo does this big time)
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I have been taking rebif for about 3 or 4 months.  I appreciate your knowlage, and thank u. How was the stem cell transplant?  Just wondering, you don't have to answer, its all good!  

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Thanks for the info!   Ur awesome!  
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