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left arm muscle atrpohy

I just returned from PT where my fantastic therapist noted that I have muscle atrophy in my left arm. She noted this from across the room while she observed me doing my hand and arm exercises. She measured the left forearm area in two places and it is 1/2 inch smaller than my right. The left is weaker and I have fasciculations in my hands as well.

We discussed new exercises and the fact that the muscle atrophy may continue despite exercises to improve strength.  Does anyone else have muscle atrophy and what were you told?

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I dont have muscle atrophy, so cant help there. Things are sure falling apart for you these days.  What does your neuro have to say?   Why would atrophy continue while doing exercises?  Interesting.

She is such a good PT. You are lucky to have her.  How are you holding up lately besides this?

Thinking of you,
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I think I have muscle atrophy, but I've mentioned it to my neuro, and he hasn't said anything about it.  :-\

My right leg is 1/2" smaller than my left.  Since I'm right handed, it should be the same size, or larger.
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PT said the atrophy could continue if the muscles aren't getting the nerve conduction the need. She gave me another set of exercises for my arms. Already have atrophy of my shoulder muscles as well.

Michelle- yes I'm falling  apart piece by piece. Want to take dibs on a particular part? The graying red hair, my useless brain? What about my right leg? Yours is going bad but mine is in pretty good shape :-)

Jen- my neuro hasn't noticed it or if he did he didn't say anything about. PT is faxing him her notes and documented observations. He did put weakness on the last PT orders though.

My fingers keep jumping while I type so guess I need to stop. thans for the responses!!


Yes, I am very fortunate to have my PT gal. She is fantastic!
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Thank goodness for hair dye is what comes to mind...at least we can fix some things! Sorry that your body is struggling to keep strong but don't give up on your brain it still is doing OK...just keep up the exercises!

Love Sarah x
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Bummer may be my friend who has the machine she wants me to buy to fix my brain ( sunglasses with lights) will have a machine for that. Hey I made you smile admit it. Hang in there.

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Alex: yes you made me smile :-) Tell Emily she has her first customer.

Sarah: you have made an excellent point, the hair can be fixed. Maybe a spray on tan too to make me look younger, like I spend time out in the sun tanning by the pool ;-)

On a good point: Kevin's doc at Shriners just e-mailed me and said his MRI of his hips looks normal...no disease (AS) progression! Yahoo!!!!

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Hey, Ren, you have so much going on. I do hope the PT can do something. I'm in the midst of finding another PT after more than a year of not going at all. My neuro's NP is insisting on skill with neurological PT, but the local places she suggested are not panning out. On my own I've found a neuro-only facility and may try that. I know that atrophy may not be stoppable, yet maybe other muscles can somehow compensate. We need to find a way to keep functional.

Gray hair is the least of things! I've kept the hair color industry going half my life. Not to worry---it's an easy fix.

Good point about putting our healthy parts together to make whole people :-)  I wonder how many we'd get here, and how big the 'refuse pile' would be.

Glad at least that your son is doing well. One less worry for you.

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I know you were kidding, but a spray-on tan might be fun, as a one-shot deal.

I wish I could try that, just for the halibut. But in years gone by I tried a good 5 or 6 of the self-tanning products, mostly just on my legs, to help reduce that TB ward look. Yikes. It seems I'm allergic to whatever the main ingredient is in all of those products. Bet it's the one that causes that nasty odor, which never is totally masked. Within a couple of days I'd be going nuts scratching. Never again.

So now I am resigned to looking like a ghostly old lady, which maybe I am :-)

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My daughter took the leap to spray on tans for her cruise. The self -tanners always looked fake and smelled as well. She says there at least two different spray on tan products. The last one was different and I didn't like it as much . Too orange.

Well, my younger daughter is driving down from Athens where her college was named the number one party school in the US, so I had better get finished packing.

Thanks to you and everyone who expressed concern! It sure is nice to go here

"Where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name. "

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If you're parting out the still worthwhile body parts, how's your bladder?  I could use one of those! LOL

Funny, it must be the Athens name because the university up here in Ohio (OU) is also a big party school. I take it there is a trip involved with her. Where are you two going this time?  I hope someplace really good.

Sorry to hear about the atrophy - how come with this disease all the wrong things are shrinking but not our hips or thighs?  

Hang in there Ren, we are all rooting for you to stop falling apart.

hugs, L

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