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looking for feed back

Hi Im new here sending some info on my test for poss MS dx.
Mri  sept o7 a few foci  of increased signal in right frontal and right parietal white matter of flair images. A couple of these can also be seen on t2 weighted images. no mass effect. most prominent focus right frontal white matter 3.6x2.5.  small foci of increase signal in left side of pons. a possible focus of increased signal is also seen in right cerebellum measuring 4-5 mm. 3rd and 4th ventricle appear normal no midline shift possibility of demyelinatin process such as ms migraine or lymes.

all blood work for lymes ect, normal

eeg normal- slowing is noted.
vep  abnormal- wave p100 is prolonged bilaterally 105 on the left and 108 on the right.
amplitude, shape and configuration normal.
baer abnormal on the left prolonged interpeak latencies.(1and 3, 3 and 5, and 1 and 5) findings to be interpreted in context of presenting clinical picture

sep results are not in yet will post asap.

other info: Fibromyalshia dx 15 years
               Neck surgery disk herniation
               lower back surgery disk herniation
               degeneritive disk disease  mild stenosis  disabled 2004, still getting around tho.
now back in september i had some kind of flu or what i thought was a flu but i started to get throbbing pain in my head right side near ear but inside head on and off for a few days till i got it one time so bad sight went dark for a a min. also had some pain in neck and 10 fever. went to doc,
sent to hospital emergency lp for menigitis it was clear. after that is when i got the above mri, went to  nero and got the other test above. also rumeotoligist ruled out a ton of other stuff. now i am waitting to get sep results and see nuro on the 19.
im just abit concerened now that im seeing the above abnormal test results. Id love some thoughts on this or any light any one can shed. i still have some questions on the above testing
but do not have time to ask right now my kids are on there way over its my grandsons first bithday.
and i just got done with torn meniscus surgery on my knee monday lolwhat a joy. kkk im looking forward to hearing back.    Hope everyone is well today. I will check back tomorrow. Gollie
ps not metioned above, I have been have several nero symptons for the last several years some more worriesome than others to me.to much to type in right now tho.  
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Thank you both so much for the warm welcome. It was very nice to her from you both.
Young at heart- in answer to yur question, I am actually on my 2nd nero lol. the first one was not with the program lol i had an 8 min appt with her no exam and hardley took any kind of history. grrr then she proceeded to order an ekg halter monitor and another major heart test where they go down your throt with a camera to see inside heart, ekkkkk.
went back to pcp and he was like WHAT??? he said she was barking up the wrong tree
and had me cancell her testing and her next appt. (he did do the ekg and halter moniter out of his office just to be on  the safe side) those were normal and so he said no need for the other major heart test). being that i just moved from NY to Fl my pcp is new but I love him he is very helpful. he immediately sent me to another nero, and being a new patient and considering some other symtoms i had at the time he even did crotid artery studies and mra of brain and those were all normal. thank goodness.
new nero whom ordered all the ms testing above for me  and also did an exam but not to full extent. he said that it didnt really seem to be ms but wanted to do the test to be sure. I had a lumbar puncture at emergency when all this first started BUT- they only tested for spinal menigitis grrrr again. when i told the 2nd nero this he was not happy.. he said he would do the other test  and see what he could tell form those and if he could not get enough info from them  then at that point he will ask me to go thre another lp. he did not want me to have to go threw it again so soon.  at any rate as u will see in my first post things are showing up abnormal and still waitting on somatosensory evoked response results.  I had a slight impresion from the nero that he expected this testing to be normal, but low and behold its not. hummm i have my next appt. with him on the 19 of feb. this should be very interesting. in my next posts ill be putting up some symtoms/history,  and a couple of other things.   all comments and feed back welcome.
Thank you all for listening, just getting abit nervous, as i do understand there are several
demylinating diseases that could cause this . but they seem to be zeroing in on ms.   all my thanks  Gollie
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Welcome to the forum.  We are so glad that you have shared your story with us.

I am glad that you are under a Neurologist's care.  You definiitely are showing signs of a demyelinating disease.  Does it sound like MS?  Yes...if I can go out on a limb by saying that.  Maybe the next LP will confirm the diagnosis.

You have alot going on with your health.  God Bless you.  You've been through the wringer.  How is your knee feeling since your surgery?

Again welcome....

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Hello and welcome.  I'm glad you joined our family.  This is the greatest group of people you will ever find.  Personally, I would say it sounds like MS, but as the others have said there are so many things that mimic MS it's hard to say.  My neuro always told me it was the process of elimination to determining if it's MS or not.  I hope the best for you and let us know what they say.

I'll be praying,
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Hi Thank you for your warm welcomes and replys!  My knee is actually doing quite well after only 5 days thank you for asking. Im getting abit better each day with it.
now i have posted my testing and doctor infor ect. in the last couple post.
and now have abit of time to write some symtoms and history.
ill start with the most worriesome for me maybe others can let me know if any of these are symtoms they have had or experienced with ms.
1.for starters have been dealing with what i have been told as being fibromyalshia for past 15 years. I have always had it in the back of my mind that im half not sure i really believe this dx. here is why: I do have major fatigue, sometimes tho it will go away for a few weeks and flare up again and stay for another month or so.
2. there are other times tho when i would get joint pains in knees, hips, ankles, and finger joints, not all at the same times in all parts. this symptom also comes and goes the same as the fatigue. I assume the first 2 symptoms to be fibro related so i just kind
of delt with the symptoms above thinking oh its just my fibro again and kept passing it off.
3.When i was young between 10 years old and up too about 16 i remember getting muscel spasms in my claves all the time at night. ( never thought that as significant till recently.  ) more on that later.
4. before i was disabled 4 years ago for all the back problems and still working i started
to get muscel spasms in my hands very badly my fingers would actually draw together with thumb and i had to pry them apart to stop the spasm. grr that hurt and still happens some times
5.same period of time i started to notice balance issues, i would be walking right next to someone talking to them and all of a sudden i would be runnning into them and bummping into  them yesh how embarressing
6. same period of time, I would be walking threw a door way and instead of going threw
or past it i would run one side of body right into the side of the door way that hurt too lol
still happens sometimes.
7. same period of time, i started to notice the electrical shock thing where i'd bend my head in a certian way and i could feel a electrical sensation going down my neck into my shoulder area and top part of arm. that seems to have gone away but comes back on very rare ocassion.
8. now here is where i really started to get nervous, about 3 years ago i started to get slight blurring in my eyes it looks like i am underwater and everything is wavy looking.
at that moment i will feel the top left part of my lip start to get tingling then the toung will go numb, i get an overall body feeling that i will fall if i try to move or walk and will just stand still and hold onto somthing untill it passes after about a mimute or minute and a half and then im fine. this will go on threw out the day umm maybe 5 to 6 times per day and will sometimes last 3 to mabe 6 days and then dissapear for about some times a month and come back a month or to later and ill have it again for a few days. there are a few oddball times inbetween that now i will just get the tingling in either side of face and lip area of mouth and then the numb toung with no blurry vision. very nerve racking lol no punt intended
more recently i have been waking up at night alot then ill finallyget back to sleep and wham ill wake up and the horrid leg cramps are back. this gose on for several nights in a row, to the point when i finally get up and around in the morning my calf muscles are so sore it feels like they have been beaten on and if u didnt know better would expect to see brusis on them.  also more recently i have started to get smallspasams in my upper back while at rest.
these are my more worriesome symtoms as per above, I do have others on and offf and some that are just there all the time but im sure you will all understand it too much to type all at once.

i know this is along story, thats why im breaking it up into seperate post. Does any of this stuff sound familiar to those of you that have been dx's would love to here your comments. btw my next post will be about what actually happend to get me to the nerologist.      GOLLY :-)
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