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lyrica withdrawal?

hey everyone my neuro suggested I wean myself off the lyrica which I have been on for 4 yrs now I maxed out on the dosages and have tried to wean myself off before but had extreme nausea she gave me a script for reglan and I didnt take my lyrica starting on friday I was at 200mg once a day compared to the 900mg that was prescribed before. Saturday I woke up to pins and needles in my legs from the waist down and then when I tried to do something housework or get up to go the bathroom I got extremely overheated sweating and felt like passing out this happens every time I was to try to do something I had to call out sick today because of this and my job maybe in jeopardy will find out tomorrow.I called the neuro this morning she called back at 5 thank god I wasnt dying lol anyways she said to go back on the lyrica 200mg dosage and see if that helps and I already took it this afternoon couldnt stand it anymore I have done more housework in the last few hrs than I did all weekend still not 100% but better the neuro said that she feels that this is what I will be like off the lyrica and its probably not withdrawal symptoms. this isnt a good thing how can I function like this? I dont think lupus is the cause of this and its probably the neuropathy. she orderd some DNA tests I have the blood draw tomorrow they actually are coming to my work to draw the blood she is looking to see if there is a DNA reason for this neuroapathy so maybe will get some answers  anyone else experence withdrawls from lyrica?
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Hi, torikat. 900 mg of Lyrica is a HUGE dose. I'm very surprised you were prescribed that.

You need to wean off slowly. If you can function at 200, do that for a while, then reduce by 25 or 50 slowly after that. By slowly I mean at least a week. I'd tell you to consult your doctor, but what she said is nuts, so try another doctor for exact instructions.

You are bound to get major side effects without a taper. That is NOT the same as what you may feel like at zero.

Good luck to you.

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I don't understand.  If you maxed out with a dose of 900mg but 200mg is working, why not stay on the 200?
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200 is still enough that u should cut that in half again before weaning off.  I was on 300mg and weaned off it, I also had/ have nasea and vomiting and feeling flushed but don't think it's related to the lyrica, instead related to my cancer/ recovery / chemo. I had to go off Lyrica becaus of weight gain.  I stpped it a few weeks back and already dropped a few pounds and can do my pants up agian!  I notice my feet and legs hurt at night, and hurt when I get out of bed but as I go about my day I forget about it.  
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thanks everyone for your help, the 200mg isnt working as well anymore and the copay are getting difficult to pay thats why I am trying to wean myself off the drug
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