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managing pain

Hi guys, I have a question for you all.  I have been sufferring alot of pain in my bones and such, and the gabapentin, and muscle spasm drugs aren't taking it away.  I was wondering what or if you take something else for this kind of pain, and if so, what can you maybe suggest, I don't really want to go to my morphine. ( but I have some from before) ......

I have been sufffering from a chronic yeast infection, and I'm wondering if this is what might be happening.  I just don't know, but know we are not to happy now.

Thanks, and hoping you are all ok,

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Hi Candy
I totally understand the bone pain it is the worst pain I have ever had in my life and worse than childbirth feels like an ice pick being jammed into your bones. I take lyrica and have been on it for over 4 years now its been a godsend but it doesnt work as much as it used to but still its better than what I had before. The gabapentin did nothing for me at 2700mg so lyrica was my answer.

let me know how you make out if you switch meds
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Bone pain (peripheral nerves) responds better to narcotics than GABA drugs.  Nerve Pain/neuropathic pain (CNS) responds better to GABA drugs.

Bone pain is typically from the periosteum.  Stress fractures, tendon insertion points, etc. can all lead to "bone pain."   Bone pain is nociceptive pain and is caused by the stimulation of special nerve receptors called nociceptors.  This type of pain responds well to narcotics, but may not respond well GABA drugs like Lyrica (Pregabalin) or Gabapentin.

Somatosensory system pain (neuropathic pain) seems to respond better to GABA drugs.  GABA drugs are primarily anti-seizure medications that seem to effect the currents in the voltage dependent calcium channels of the nervous system.

Different drugs for different types of pain.  There are people on this forum that use both.  I take a different anti seizure medication (Tegretol) that works by keeping more of the voltage dependent sodium gates inactivated.  

For reference, discussions of pain can be found at:

Tegretol data can be found at:


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thanks bob for that information. I'm new here. I've had bone pain for years and I didn't know that could be related to MS. I call it eletric type bone pain. Interesting to see how it all ties together. I'm making  list for my doctor b/c I"m about to get really active in getting the right diagnosis.
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i take gabapentin and baclofen and it works a treat for me but evey one is different .
i can understand your description of the pain so not nice .
call your neuro or pcp and she wht they can offer you
regards bairdy
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I was having horrible muscle spasms and I also had a bacterial infection "down there".  Once the antibiotics killed the infection the spasms went away.  Coincidence Idk, but they seem related to me!

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I have severe bone pain as one of my symptoms. I tried narcotics and it didn't touch it. Instead I take a cocktail of low dose anti-seizure meds which seem to do the trick, It took a lot of tweaking to find the right combo but it was truly worth it!!!

Ask your neuro about the anti-seizure cocktail. A pain management doc would help as well. Big hugs because I know how much it hurts. I hope you feel better SOON!

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The truth is everyone's system is different and one medication does not fit all. It is takes patience in figuring it out. I have had all kinds of pain and in decades have had to work with Doctors on the right cocktails. Also some medications do weird things to different people. I have found at least half of the drugs I have been described cause severe pain somewhere else.

Baclofen, Gabenpentin, Efexzor, and others make my migraines worse. Many drugs make my gut worse. Narcotics throw me in to two hour myoclonic diaphragm spasms. Some of the drugs make my blood pressure drop.

I got in to a bad situation where everyone was adding drugs and as I had more symptoms they added more. Finally I realized what drugs were making it worse and with Doctors supervision got off some.

I recently went off 6 drugs and cut back on 3.

I am not saying medications are bad I am just saying everyone reacts differently to them.

I am going to a private pain specialist not affiliated with a hospital for a consult. The one I saw at the big hospital probably would have killed me. She had a one size fits all mentality of patients and a drug for every symptom with out taking any drugs away.

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My doctor will not let me take any narcotics not even ibuprofen. I am on muscle relaxer and nortriptilin . All so diazapam at night to help me sleep.
it seems hard to figure out something that will work.
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Thank you for your responses.  Bob, thanks for yours and the referral too, I am trying not to go with the narcotics, but may have to do it anyways.  

I am on Gabapentin 2700mg. and Baclofen, 10mg. 2x a day, but it isn't doing anything much.  Went to the chiropractor this morning for help with my hips and ribs, but not luck so far, maybe tomorrow it will settle down a little.  Had to take more Baclofen today, but will have eto keep trying like people said about finding my own cocktail that works for me.  It is a procedure for sure..... like you all know.

Thanks so much for your support and concern and info.  I am taking it all in now.  

Ren, thanks again, and love you and your support, and to the new people that I haven't really chatted with, thanks to you too, and look forward to learning more about you all.

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Baclofen, 10mg. twice a day is a light dose.

I take Baclofen 20 mg 3-4 times a day, Norflex 10 mg twice a day,  10 mg of Valium every night to control spasticity and its related pain.

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