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medication or not?

Hello I'm just curious what kind of medication those with ms are taking? What some feel is best and why and for those that choose to go un medicated why they have decided that? I'm really not sure how to approach this and I've done a lot of researching on the internet but I'd prefer to get feedback from people first hand.
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I have been through several therapies. Started with Copaxone, went to Gilenya the Avonex, none of which were right for me. In talks now to start Plegridy to see if it works.

We are all different and our body's work differently with medications so it's hard to say what is best.

My sister has MS too and has been on Avonex for 12 years with awesome results. Me and my Neuro are working toward a therapy that is right for me.

Hopefully someone else can give you some input, as for me I am still up in the air as far as what will work.

Good luck!

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Well I appreciate your feedback Paula. Thanks :)
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Everyone has different priorities and reactions to different medications. I personally have only ever been on daclizumab-HYP, a drug study drug. I chose to medicate because this is a life-long disease. I need to actively stave off progression from day one. It's not going to wait around, even if I do.

I chose to be a part of a study for three reasons 1. It's a gamble that it works better than what's currently on the market 2. I relish the frequent contact I have with experts. This was very helpful in the early days, especially. 3. I feel immense gratitude towards the people who were in the early studies 20+ years ago, when there were precisely zero treatment options for MS. If they hadn't done it, none of us would have the opportunity to have drugs to choose from. Pay it forward.

Things to consider: Can I finance it? Can I take it religiously? Are the potential side-effects the ones I can theoretically deal with (compared to the others)?
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Your so right..I'm just curious as to how others have decided what is best and their opinions.. thank you for sharing. :)
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By the time they found my MS I had had it 46 years. I did copaxone for a year before my MS Specialist and I realized I had primary progressive and it was not progressing that much. I thought about it hard before going off medications.I realized if I did progress I would have to accept responsibilty. I was going to go on Tecfidera when it came out. By then I found I had late stage cancer. Oddly the chemotherapy works on MS so I am technically using chemotherapy for my MS.

If I had Relapsing Remitting I would have stayed on MS medication. I think it is important to slow progression.

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Thank you...I'm just so UN certain what approach to take and how effective the medication is. Is this a proven fact that these medications slow the progression I guess would be my next question. Thank you for replying...
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