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menopause and ms

Anyone gone into menopause early. Who has ms. I'm 39?
What's your symptoms?
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I am almost 35 and haven't had my period in a year. Iii hass an internal and external ultrasound and everything looked fine, so my doctor referred me to a gyne0olOgist. That was about 3 months ago and I go to see him at the end of the month.

It is either due to my meds or possible early menopause. I had a bllood test as Well and all my hormone levels look fine as well.

So who knows buut I should have some answers near the end of the month.

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Hi and welcome,

There hasn't actually been a lot of research on the menstrual cycle and MS, the few studies out there indicate a higher prevalence of MS symptoms worsening within a week prior to cycle beginning, which might be related to the rise in core temperature but there's nothing really looking into this. Weakness, imbalance, fatigue and depression seem to be the issues more commonly reported but with menopause the drop in Estrogen levels 'may' have a negative effect on an MSer, this is definitely a poorly researched area considering women are in the majority.  

Do you actually have MS or are you wondering if early menopause is a sign of MS?

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They need to do research because there is something up with the menstrual cycle  and MS I think. I'm really beginning to think the hemorrhaging episodes I had were MS related. I mean, do nerves have anything to do with the uterus contracting or not contracting?

If the onset of my MS is correct or the onset of when the disease became active is correct, it definitely effected the cycle. and no, I'm not having any menopause  symptoms.  What the doctors said was perimenopause turned out to be MS...and for me, my symptoms yesterday felt improved with the first day of the cycle...im going to take notes to see if there is some kind of pattern.
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Heavy periods in perimenopause are common.  I'm the poster child for them, having dealt with them for several years, to the point of a gyno insisting that I needed a hysterectomy, because I was anemic.  That seems a rather extreme solution for anemia to me, so I declined surgery.  It's also quite popular to find  fibroids and attribute any heavy bleeding to them.  But heavy periods in perimenopause are not as nearly as attributable to fibroids as some sources indicate  -  at least 50% of women get fibroids after 30-ish - and most are actually asymptomatic- (only certain types of fibroids actually bleed) and begin to shrink as menopause gets nearer.  At least they do if you manage to avoid a hysterectomy, which IS the 2nd most performed surgery on women, only behind C-sections.

I will say this though, when I had my first attack, I concurrently had one of the most...raucous....periods I've ever had, RIGHT THEN, and that's saying something, because I've had some doozys. Is that due to the stress right then, the fact I'd not had a period in several months prior, or MS?  I would be inclined to think coincidence and the general variability of cycles in perimenopause.  But it really was a terrible timing thing, with me nearly unable to walk AND thinking I was about to bleed to death too.  Not a happy time.  However, since then things have settled down a bunch, and now I am truly on the path to having these things be gone forever.  Since I'm skipping 3 months at a time, even my iron is coming up - a very good thing.

I wouldn't try to pin any cycle oddities on MS.  Menopause is freaky enough and random enough that trying to correlate variations with MS, seems a truly futile exercise to my way of thinking.  Pretty soon these blinkin' things will be gone, right?  Just grin and bear it if you can, and know it's not forever.

I'll be 53 this year, just so ya know.  Dead average age, so I've been told...

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I had periods all the time for two years then I stopped. I even had an ablation and still bled for six months straight. I had memory issues, hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness. They have stuff for vaginal dryness, and cooling pads and pillows for night sweats. MS and perimenopause are separate issues many women have both because we are women and are eventually going to go through the change.

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I have a male office mate who, thank  goodness, has a good sense of humor.  I'll have symptoms that could be either MS or menopausal so we just laugh and say I'm suffering from the M&M's!

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