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mri help do I have signs of MS

There is prominece of the csf over the bilateral frontal and parietal cerebral convexities at the vertex. There is subtle prominece of the bilateral parietal cerebral sulci relative to the remaining csf- containing spaces. The ventricles are unremarkable. Subcentimeter foci of increased flair and t2 signal are seen in the deep white matter of the left frontal lobe centrum semiovale and right posterior parietal lobe. The brainstem, cerebellum and remaining cerebral hemispheres are remarkable. No intracranial hemorrhage or acute infarction evident. No space-occupying lesions noted. No abnormal enhancements seen.(findings)
1 findings consistent with sequelae of chronic arachnoid rents or tears
2 subtle diffuse cortical atrophy
3 nonenhancing subcentimeter white matter lesion as described above consistent with nonspecific foci of demyelination or gliosis.
4 small hypo plastic appearing arteries od the posterior circulation.
5 presumed chronic sinusitis
6 deviation of the nasal septum.
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HI and welcome,

It's generally in your best interest to wait for your neurologist opinion on the meaning of your MRI.....as a lay person from what little i understand from a familiarity of reading MS suggestive/consistent MRI's, i think your MRI findings are indicating something is happening in both the white and grey matter, as to what is the most likely explanation is not particularly clear to me in the way its' been worded.

MS would be one of the diagnostic considerations for your age but these findings don't seem to be specifically focusing on demyelinating conditions from what i get out of it......please keep in mind that MRI evidence is only one piece of your diagnostic puzzle, and your neurologist will be looking at and interpreting your MRI and forming his/her own opinion, whilst taking into account all your other test results, clinical exams, medical history etc to come up with your short list of possible conditions.

I realise my reply is very wishy washy but it's the best i can come up with...sorry!    

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Thank you for your reply.
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Hi. The only part of your 'Impressions' that might be relevant here is #3, though I see a contradiction. At the top of your report there is mention of 'subcentimeter foci,' foci being the plural of focus, and gives 2 locations. So the radiologist is seeing more than one place that could be demyelination. Yet lower he or she only mentions one actual focus.

This could be just carelessness, but it also could be important later in the diagnostic process. If you have Multiple Sclerosis you must have multiple lesions. At this point in the process a great deal depends on why you had the MRI and what the outcome was of a head-to-toe neurological examination. Good luck.


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