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mri of the brain

How long is a mri with ms protocol usually? I had one and it was 20 minutes without contrast and 7 minutes with contrast on a 1.5 tesla is this pretty standard?
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That's on the lower end of the time scale.  My experience has been it doesn't take as long as predicted.  My recent brain-spine MRI was just over an hour.  The power of the unit is important.  You can study the types on the net. Most hospitals claim state-of-the-art for all their equipment, leaving patients pretty much in the dark.  Even well-known centers can be weak in some areas.  If you aren't satisfied with your improvement, learn more and keep looking for better treatment.

I was worried about the machine and found a hospital that gives, apparently, klonodine, because I later heard it feels as if you've had no sedative.  What a gift for those who don't want to be closed in.  Best wishes.
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I was just curious. I found it odd that the scan without contrast was longer than the one with I just thought they would be of equal time. Thank you for your reply I very much appreciate your thoughts. Best wishes to you also.
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The scan with contrast takes about 5-10 min longer.  The total amount of time really depends on the the T1 sequence (longest sequence in the study) used and whether or not they have to redo an acquisition or not.  One a 1.5 tesla machine with newer software, the T1 Proton Spin Echo (PSE)  takes about 10 min.   A T1 Fast Spin Echo tales about 8 min and a T1 Turbo Spin Echo takes about 5 min.  Since there are two T1 sequences (pre and post GAD) you can chop 10 mi out of the study by using TSE vs. PSE T1 sequences.  

My imaging center will only allow the techs to use PSE on brain imaging. No FSE or TSE T1 sequences.  

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