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mri results

My 15 year old healthy son had a seizure.  He has never had one before.  ct, eeg normal.  the Mri showed Nonspecific focal increased T2 signal within right thalamus, of questionable significance. This may represent sequelae of remote demyelination or infection. No acute intracranial abnormality. what would this mean.  Dr said nothing to worry about unless has another seizure we should just watch this.  

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Sorry to hear about your boy, Sammy.  I'll pray he's all better, and for good.

I don't see much to go on in that MRI report.  I presume you got here via search using T2 and/or demyelination.  T2 is a particular pattern of pulsing used by the machines to produce various types of images, or something like that, if I remember right.  Regardless, it's a type of MRI image.  Demyelination is a process common in Multiple Sclerosis, but frankly, it sounds to me like this radiologist is reaching for a possible explanation for the information he sees in the images in front of him.  They do that, but sometimes the mere mention of something is more than he knows.  That's his job.  By doing so, he helps the attending physician (a neurologist, right?) find a starting point.  It's their job to sort out all the possibilities; the radiologist simply presents whatever clues he can rustle up.

Now, I've been reading this board for around five years now, but I am far from an expert.  Still, I will say that I've never heard of "sequelae of remote demyelination" being referenced in such a report.  I've also not read, as far as I can recall, of anyone's MS involving their thalamus.  I admit that my recall isn't a what it once was.

I know (believe me) it's hard to just wait to see if something else happens.  With seizures, that would have to doubly hard.  You could seek a second opinion, I suppose, though make sure that the next guy sees the pictures and reads the reports before he sees your son.  No use in doing something over if it was done right.
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Thank you for replying!!!  Im just searching for answers.  Ive been a mess since this happened.  but every test was normal.  the neurologist said if they did an mri on 10 people 2-3 of them would have something on their mri that was not explainable.  but what they did find he did not think was to worry about UNLESS my son has another seizure then we will do further testing. Thnak you so so much for replying to me.  Have a great day!!!!!  
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The Doctor is right that MRIs by themselves mean little. I would watch for more Neurological symptoms. Let us hope this is an isolated experience for Sammy.

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Thanks HVAC!  
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