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mri results

Findings: There are few hyperintense lesions on T2 weighted and FLAIR
sequence involving bilateral frontoparietal white matter, corona
radiata and capsular ganglionic region without restriction on
diffusion weighted sequence. There is no acute infarct, intracranial
mass, or intra or extra-axial hemorrhage. The ventricles, cortical
sulci, and basal cisterns are symmetric and appropriate in size. The
pituitary and suprasellar region, and brainstem and posterior fossa
are normal in appearance. Major intracranial flow-voids are preserved.
The orbits, paranasal sinuses, and mastoid air cells are unremarkable.
Normal bone marrow signal.
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Hi kris and welcome to our little MS community,

We get a lot of people asking about MRI findings, they are honestly difficult for lay people to understand and interpret and unless they use the more common MS MRI language that we see here, i generally can't make heads or tails of them, sorry. All i can say is that you do have a few lesions but it doesn't indicate type and those locations are not one's i usually see specifically mentioned with MS, which still doesn't really say anything.....  

The brain atlas may be of some help

I noticed you were originally dx with MS back in 2010 and for some reason then undx, and your only now being re-investigated for MS because of the 'seizure like' activity. If you have previous MRI's they are often compared and any changes noted, have your previous test results been compared to your recent one's?

I'm a bit confused with what you've said about the EEG "....EEG shows no brain changes at the time of body jerking so new mri's for aneurysm and possibly ms" I was under the impression that the EEG would need to be abnormal for the seizure activity to be a neurological causation. We've definitely had MSers having seizures and their EEG's haven't always been abnormal but off the top of my head, no ones mentioned having a seizure during testing before. Did you actually have a seizure during the EEG and your brain activity wasn't effected at all?

Hopefully someone will be able to be of more help to you, sorry i tried but i honestly can't really explain your MRI..................welcome :D

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yes I went to er for drooping face slurred speech weakness and facial numbness while in ambulance I had several "seizure like " episodes so had eeg and had an episode while testing and no brain activity to sugest siezures, am being evaluated for muscle weakness ( another Er visit) balance and gait issues tingling spasms and various other MS like symptoms
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