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mri scan results

Hello all, I wondered if anyone else had difficulty in obtaining their mri results?
I had a second scan last feburary and have still not seen results.
Have chased and hit a blank wall, today have rang neurology hosp and asked for them to be sent to me.
The neurologist then sent a letter stating she has three non-specific leisions. He then wrote- undiagnosied medical- syndrome! he was concerned enough to order second scan after witnessing my speech and weakness on a bad flare.
I've now got no neurologist because I cannot put my body through the insulting behaviour anymore.
Please excuse writing feeling stressed somewhat today!!

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I don't know why you would have a difficult time getting your results?  But then I guess it matters where you live?  

did you sign paperwork requesting copies of the MRI results?  

hope you find your answers
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I'm not sure where you are located, but in the US you have a right to the study and the results for your own records.  There is really no suck thing as a non-specific lesion if you are having neurologic symptoms.  At the very least, the doctor is expected to provide symptomatic treatment and hopefully relief while attempting to diagnose the root cause of the illness.

If he fails to do that, in the US, patients have a right to report the provider to their state medical board,

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Not sure where you live - I am in the US and I haven't had any problems getting copies of tests, MRI scans etc. Whenever I have an MRI, I am given the disc right then to take to my neuro's office.  My neuro is sent the written report of the MRI results.  When I see my neuro for follow up, I bring the MRI disc.  He looks at it then, and reviews it with me.  I only get a copy of the radiologists report if I ask for it.

Sorry you are feeling stressed out.  If you want to share more of your story, perhaps others on this site can offer suggestions/support of how to move forward in getting help.

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Thank-you all for your comments, I live in UK and have found the journey very difficult some Drs have documented poss MS having observed my flares. The neurologist has been reluctant to diagnoise from begining. He first saw me 4yrs ago and on two occassions I was in flare. I have numb patches on skin and feet spasams, with all the other stuff. I first saw a rhemy who sent me to a Neuro because my toes did something when he put a sharp object over the foot.

I guess its wait and see have requested films and may go for 2nd opinion,

Thanks house
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I am guessing you live in the UK. I can not get hold of my results either only from the neuro's impression writen in the clinic letter.

You should be able to get a copy of your hospital medical records but to do this you have to go through the legal dept! (at my hospital anyway).

I have thought of doing. But can't be hassled with it as I doubt there would be anything in there I don't already know.
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