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ok for some time off and on -i really feel =bad-  weak, shake, i might add very weak and shakey- ms, symptom isnt it... well i discovered if i can manage to eat something i feel better-
does anyone else do this, or is it just the ms messin with me!   i have had lots of tests in the past-my sugar was fine, just was amased at how better i felt after i ate- thanks!
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If you are sure your glucose levels are solid, I guess it could be related to a type of autonomic nervous system (ANS) dysfunction.  It would require testing to figure it out.  I don;t experience this, but I;m mentioning it because MS and neurologic diseases can effect the ANS.

The jittery feeling could be related to simulation of the sympathetic portion  of the autonomic nervous system.  Eating does stimulate the  pneumogastric nerve (Vagus Nerve - CN X) and that parasympathetic stimulation can slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, slow down your gut, cause constipation, etc.

The autonomic nervous system can introduce some off the wall signs and symptoms and is a very "mixed bag of tricks".   Sympathetic components trigger edgy "fight or flight" responses where the parasympathetic responses are the "rest and digest" responses.

I'd mention this to my doctor, since autonomic nervous system dysfunction can mask and alter some test and exam results.  

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I agree mention it to your doctor. I get like this on occasion but it is when I go a while without eating and I am sure it is because my blood sugar drops too low and the food brings it back up and I feel better again.

I hope you find out what is causing this, but you really should bring it up to your doctor so they can test your sugars again or find out what is causing this.

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hey thanks!  i didnt realize- yeh it gets bad- where you feel like your falling apart -cant make it- i will ask ,and post my finding
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