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multiple sclerosis

my partner was diagnosed with MS in March this year.  He is now suffering from urine retention and unable to perform sexually.  My question is..could this be a prostrate problem or this is all part of MS

thank you
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Hi there.. he should see a Dr re: this and have you checked our "Health Pages" top right side link.. there is information there on symptoms of MS.  We can't really answer health problem as we aren't Drs.. but there is alot of information and my opinion is for him to see a Dr.'

take care
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Hi, kak-

I'm sorry to hear of your bf diagnosis.  That in itself is scary enough for both of you and your family and friends.  I don't know how much you know about MS so I encourage you to check out our Health Pages, as wobbly said.

I assume that your bf is now on some meds for his MS, namely Disease Modifying Drugs (DMD)?  If not, I urge him to get started on one of those asap.  They do not cure MS but they have good results of slowing down the progression.  

He may also be on some other drugs for his symptoms.  Is he?  I ask because some drugs have side affects that affect you sexually.  This could be one of his problems or it could be something else.  I am no doctor and as wobbly did, I urge you to have your bf address this with his doctor.  Even though he has MS he is still susceptible of having other health issues that don't pertain to his MS so it is always a good rule of thumb to address any symptoms with his doc.

Urine retention can be a symptom of MS, but it could be caused by many other things, too.  This also needs to be addressed with his doctor.

Welcome to the forum-  :)
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Sorry about your BF's problems. The rule of thumb is not every medical problem is tied to your MS so it is important to go to a GP first. If it is MS there are things that can help. Most people with MS have problems with urination at some point. The bladder is not tied to the brain so it can be short circuited rather easily. The statistics for men and prostate problems ( not all cancer) increases with age. My brother in law a Doctors says a man has a 50% chance of prostate problems at age 50 years old, 75% at 75 and so on. If he is like my husband he would do anything to avoid the doctor, but it is important what ever it is to catch it sooner than later.

Good luck to both of you and welcome to the forum.

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OK, we see a lot of post about the female nether regions, so I guess I should jump in here as a 50 year old male and answer.  The quick answer is Both.  

Benign Prostate Hypertrophy can cause problems urinating.  Age can be a common cause of ED.  He needs to get to his GP and have a PSA lab test and a prostate exam.  It isn't that bad.  If those are fine, then comes the MS part.  

There are two urinary issues.  The first is when the sphincter doesn't work correctly.  There can be two cases:  It won't open, or it won't close.  Can't urinate or leaks urine.  The second is the issue where the sphincter works fine, but the bladder fails to contract.  For some guy it will take some time for the bladder to empty just by gravity.  Men can have a combination of the two  

MS can also cause ED, including failure to achieve an adequate erection, failure to maintain an erection, and decreased sensation that leads to failure to orgasm.

There are some simple tests that a urologist can perform, and plenty of guys with MS use the "little blue pills" (Viagra) or a similar drug.  

It is a medical and quality of life issue.  Nothing to be shy about.

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Thank you for your post.

I should have elaborated more on the sexual issue.  BF does maintain an erection but fails to reach orgasm.

BF has an appointment with Neuro on Thursday and Urologist next month so hopefully we will get some answers.

Do you take vitamin supplements?  If yes what works for you.

BF catheter has been removed and also stopped taking calcium tablets and seems to have improved....

I will keep in touch and let you know the outcome of the appointments.

once again thank you


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