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my list is growing....

We just add Heart Disease to it.  I went in on Wednesday, came home thursday with a stint and 4 more meds. I know a few of us deal with this also, I think LuLu for one....I can't remember the other name.

I feel like crap right now, I am hoping it will get better.  One more desease to learn about now.

back to you later...

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Hugs Meg
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I'm so sorry, Meg - but you're lucky that they caught it in time.  My husband just had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago, and they had to put another stent in - in the same place as the last one, the left anterior descending artery.  He feels better now than before the heart attack.  He's very lucky - I think they said the heart was working at 35% of capacity, and it's back to 65%, which is where it should be.
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thanks, and @jensequitur, I am happy for your husband, that must be scary.  How long does it take to feel better after a stint is in place?

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Sorry to hear it. I hope you feel better soon!

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Feel better soon. My mom is getting ready to have an angiogram and then stints from there. Good luck to you.

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He had a very quick recovery, and I think it had something to do with the new heart pump they used right after the procedure.  Instead of the standard balloon pump, they used something called the Impella, which helped the heart to pump blood.  He felt better immediately after the procedure, but was fatigued for a few days.

Are you still feeling bad?  After hubby's first stent, it took about two weks for him to recover.  
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Hi, my uncle had a stent put in after he had a heart attack and he said he felt better immediately.

I think his words were "going like a house on fire".  I love my uncle Jimmie.
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Meg! Sooooooo glad they were able to stint the block!

Hope you are feeling better soon :(
Sending you a huge cyber hug and so glad they got to it in good order
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