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my story so far...

My first symptom was back last summer when i was feeling faint and my feet felt like sponge.. had to pull the car over as everything was a blur..
December 07 i was rushed to hospital with kidney infection when they found i was retaining urine..
Had cystoscopy and checked for kidney stones etc..but found nothing.
This has got worse since and i cath 5-6 times a day as i canot pass at all..
Had urodynamics testing and was told i had neurogenic bladder.
I have had kidney infection after infection and had about 5 referals to hospital this year ..
Since then i have sufferd spasms,cramp and numbness in neck,fingers and arms,
Heat seems to trigger symptoms..i had a hot bath and i started to vomit .
My urologist then reffered me to the neuro as he suspected MS
Had lots of tests .. reflex ,pin *****, etc..
Neuro said i had Babinski response to the plantar reflex and less feeling in toes and fingers than i thought.
He then sent me for MRI which came back ok so now i am waiting on LP
Since all this i have got worse..
Spacticity in right leg to the pint my foot was turned in and shaking .. it was that tight it felt like it was going to snap.
My recent attack is i have a numb leg from the knee down and use a stick to help me around above my knee is burning and buzzing and cramps that take my breath away.. also twitching in my bottom.
I am taking baclofen ,deazepam and tramodol for all my symptoms and i am waiting for the neuro to get bk to me to discuss further treatment/tests..
This sound familiar to many of you?

Thanks all for listening..

Rachy xx
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welcome to the forum... and yes your symptoms sound familiar, but it could be so many things...
let us know how your LP turns out..... did you have a spine MRI done as well?  

take care
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Cheers hun..
Yes had one of the upper spine..
Spoke with my Neuro this evening after surgery hes pushing for my LP due to my current relapse .. Had another fall today grr!!

All the best
Rachy xx
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Welcome to the forum.  I'm a Limbo Lander.  (That refers to those of us with symptoms but no dx.)

The Health Pages in the top right are an excellent resource and can answer many questions - and give you thoughts for questions to ask your doctor.

Stay around and let us know how you are doing.  Many here can give insight into understanding test results, etc.

Cheers, Jules
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Thanks for the warm welcome guys xx
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Just an update

My leg symptoms have got worse i now got foot drop leg still numb but cant lift from knee down its just a dead weight ? I have been in wheelchair since December and use Zimmer frame around house. Leg burns at top and spasms around bum area when i try to walk , Having physio and leg brace fitted also having a LP done next week *scared*

Not sure if its MS or mini stroke?
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Oh forgot to add im still self cathing 1 yr on.. no change to bladder retention and still get bad upper body spasms.
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Hi there,

I wanted to say hello and mentioin that I hope this LP brings some answers to you. You got the MRIs? Were they of your brain too?

When do you go back to the Dr?

Sorry for all the questions, but just want to help as best we can.

I wish you were not going through this, but glad you've joined us.

Be sure to tell the Dr. about the spasms.  Maybe he or she will adjust your meds.


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