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neuro appt update

Hello a quick update to all before I am of to MA for the rest of the week. I went to the new neuro yesterday. The appointment seemed to go pretty well. He looked over my past records and asked me if I was the patient that sent him the manifesto? I chuckled and said yes. He said don't quiz him in on it, he read it twice and has some ideas but does not remember details.

He looked over the MRI CD that I had given him. Long and short of the appointment. He said you definetely do not have MS, there is not one lesion consistent with MS on the MRI. He said without even one lesion MS is not an option. He did say the gold standard would be to repeat the MRI in October and that will be one year from the last. If that is negative again, MS ruled out!

He did seem to see something on the MRI and said he wanted to keep the CD and go over it with the radiologist. He said it is probably nothing but he wants to be sure, I chickened out and did not ask him what he thought it might be:(  Basically he said "there is nothing big, bad or ugly going on that is good news" He asked if I have ever had a virus, I replied I had some virus a year and a half ago, what I forgot to mention, was the case of chicken pox I had in the first trimester of my second pregnancy. I also asked him about his thoughts on the newer more powerful MRI machines. He said that the clarity they get on the current one are good and that the newer ones are not much different.
:(  I know we have discussed this quite extensively on here.

Neuro exam was normal. I asked him about the modified romberg and marching in place and rotating a good 90 degrees. He said basically something is going on but we don't know what. Sometimes people have neuro sx that seem to have no cause. He thought that the abnormal ENG was probably a false positive and is repeating it. He also said with humor "since you don't make a living marching in place, we wont worry about it" I guess he had a point!!

He is drawing more blood chemistry work that was never done, four tubes, we will see what if anything that turns up. He said the way he works, is I tell him the bothersome set of sx and we work on those then progress to the others one at a time. I told him the balance issue was the most concerning to me at this time. Next will be the seeming progressive nerve entrapments, hopefully we can talk at that time Quix, about the hereditary neuropathies.

Anyways he seems like an alright doc. I am glad he told me the way he wishes to do things, seems like he will look for some answers. I wonder if he will consider doing an MRI of the head and C-spine next MRI? Anyway any feedback and thoughts related to this appointment would be greatly appreciated. Take care all I will be back in town September 4th. Have a great Labor Day for those of you in the US, not sure of holidays in the UK but enjoy your days never-the-less.

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I know we hate to hear somethings wrong but we arent' sure what.  At least he is will to see you again and work with you.  You have a good Dr.  My neuro told me to basically go away, there is no need to see him anymore.  So your lucky :)

I also have lesions 3 of them that aren't consitent with MS, mine are in my frontal lobe.  I also had chicken pox when I was pregnant with my first child!!!!  Luckily besides being born premature 2months early she is perfectly fine and at 16 she is as tall as me :)

Wow maybe that is where my lesions OR white matter disease came from????  Quix if your reading can Chicken pox give you lesions?

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I don't know if helps, but I find it good when their honest that they don't know what is wrong.  It seems to me that by being honest with me that they have no idea what is going on, they are acknowledging me as a person, who is suffering from something very real.
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