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Are there some symptoms of MS that will not go away even with steroids and meds? My 21 yr old daughter was just diagnosed in January. Her symptoms began in November. Her hands are numb all the time sometimes worse and weak. She also had l'hermittes sign. She had a week of steroids but she hasn't had any change in symptoms. She will begin Copaxone soon. So will some things just never go away? It just started getting warmer and she actually noticed symptoms worsening.
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It's hard to ever predict how long an attack will go on for or how long the recovery will take. There is a higher expectation early in the disease, for symptoms to be able to fully remit but i'm sorry to say, it's not possible to know for sure which or if any symptoms will completely go away, or what will improve etc.

Sometimes one round of steroids will not be enough, symptoms can rebound after steroids and although not as common sometimes steroids don't actually help as expected. If she's already noticing her symptoms worsening in warmer weather, it's possible she's been experiencing heat intolerance (Uhthoff's), which will cause what's called a pseudo exacerbation. Uhtohoff's doesn't cause a true relapse because symptoms return or worsen, because of the increased internal and or external temperature, and improve once cooled down and resting.

If she hasn't as yet discussed with her neuro the lack of improvement even after steroids and or the possibly starting symptom treatments eg medication, physiotherapy etc i believe it would definitely be the right thing to get started. Copaxone is a disease modifying drug and beneficial to her over the long term but treating the symptoms at this point is possibly more relevant because it will be beneficial to her daily quality of life, right now.....

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Please help I am 17 have I been seeing flashes of lights in corner of my eyes cause it seems like the light is almost dragging my phone,tv, lamp etc.  I see floaters when I'm driving and just recently had a problem with my eyes seeing a consistent flash that didn't go away for 30 minutes. I also have trouble looking at my TV it's almost like I can't see the white letters on the guid straight when I sit on the couch but up closer I'm fine. I'm very terrified, I also have low blood pressure Could that be a sign?? MS runs in my family could that be it??? Someone please help I can't afford to make a million dr visits. I just had my checked 20/20 vision and this just started happening like 4 days ago it's really scaring me and I feel a bit light headed I'm terrified and need someone's opinion I even get a bit of occasional chest pain and numbness in my hands I used to get migraines until the flashes started
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MandieA did you see an optometrist or an othalmologist? The eyes do not sound like MS to me but others may way in.
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There are two things in MS inflammation which can last a long time and nerve damage. Time is the only way to tell. Some people do not respond to steroids. Steroids just help inflammation they do nothing to stop MS itself. Sometimes symptoms level off. I have had symptoms for years and then they go away.

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Well I had my eyes checked and nothing but 20/20 vision was found...I'm seeing this in both eyes so I'm assuming I couldn't have torn two retinas right?? I'll look at my tv or the window and see it drag a quick flash of light almost from either if those so I tried to close my eyes and what I see is like a white light outline if whatever I was looking at and so I close them until the light disappears. It's almost like my eyelids are light sensitive now or something. I was taking a nap and I had a strange feeling in my almost like it was trembling...could that be a nerve thing with the eyes? My stomach sounds like it's growling in different places....please help me I swear I'm not crazy
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I still feel fatigued after my nap and a bit "air headed" if u will....I don't know what to do I want a cause before I go telling a doctor that I think have this or this I don't want them to think I'm crazy or being a hypochondriac
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I was bit by a tick when I was little ..you don't think that could be it do you? ...I'm scrambling through my medical history trying to figure out what could wrong with me. The only other thing I've done is I went to a friend's house where the party was down I'm his garage and a kerosene heater was later we all found out the heater had a leak when the smell didn't leave the basement for days...could that have poisoned me??? I'm so desperate to figure out why this is happening
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My doctor said winter to spring is the worst time for People with MS as far as flares and pain etc. I'm struggling some too right now. I guess it's the rapid weather fluctuation plus allergens.

I was numb with my last flare and I took a steroid taper and it took a long time for the numbness to go away. I think I had finished all of my pills before I noticed a change. So, in my case, it just took a while. She might see those symptoms start to dissipate here pretty soon.
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You're getting way WAY ahead of yourself and causing yourself a lot of additional anxiety and stress. We're just patients here. We can't tell you what's wrong.

It's actually better to go to the doctor with an open mind, not a self-diagnosis. They're the professionals. You are a minor, at least in the US. I'm not sure where you're writing from. You would be on your guardians' health insurance, if they have it. If they don't there may still be other options.

Having been a teenage girl myself, I guess the one thing that springs to mind is just to make sure you're eating sufficient calories.
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Dear anyone who still checks this article I still need help. I had a ton if blood tests and nothing showed. Still having the same symptoms but now lightheadedness comes and goes. Sometimes I seem to have to burp a lot now and my stomach makes growling noises all day. I'm having like body tremors especially in my lower body area. Doctors can't figure out what's wrong with me and my dr doesn't know what to do. I don't have a heart problem and my doctor is calling it a mystery illness. He won't  call me back and said he had no solution. Do please if anybody is still here please help
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What started out as vision problems seems to have progressed to body tremors with gastro-intestinal problems. It's time to take a deep cleansing breath and try and calm down. You're working you way up to a full blown panic attack.

I would advise that you stay away from the internet for a while, or at least the available medical information available in cyberspace.

If you add up all the things you describe, I don't come up with MS. As immisceo as\id, we're not doctors so we are not in a position to diagnose illness.

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