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no meds

I went to neuro today he said LP and ms panel was normal. He also said no meds because I haven't had any symptoms that have lasted liked numbed leg or vision loss for more than 1-3 days. Wants to wait until something shows up like these. He is going to do a evoked potential and then see him in 3 month for mri. Call him if something major comes up. I thought they put you on meds so you don't progress to something major or lasting. What about all the other stuff going on and 20 lesions in brain. Not sure about all this. Anyone have any ideas on this please let me know.        thanks  
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Sorry to hear the news. Your MRI showed 20 lesions?  If that's the case why not put you on meds! I'm in a similiar boat, lots of MS symptoms that do last 2 mo on overage but alas, MRI and LP neg.  You need to push for meds sweetie!  Good luck

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You have a RIGHT as a patient to be put on a drug that could possibly slow down the increase in lesions, if MS is suspected.  A RIGHT.  It's not like you are asking for morphine or something.

This makes me very angry to hear about.  Would this same doctor deny his loved ones, medication, if THEY had 20 lesions in THEIR brains?  I don't think so....

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I was told my my Neuro that I had "30 or so lesions" and still am unsure as to what he thinks!    Keep pushing for your health, kiddo!  You deserve it....

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I don't have all your specific details at hand, but you do need a good 2nd or 3rd opinion if you have had symptoms suggestive of a demyelination episode coupled with a positive MRI (one lesion is as good as 20) then you deserve consideration for diagnosis of CIS and for meds.  There is NO recommendation that only symptoms that have lasted longer than one day be considered.  If the symptoms were one day only, it should have been a full day and the nature of the symptoms would have to be considered.

I say get a 2nd opinion.

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