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no sure if i belong..

hey all,
im not too sure where i belong.. i jus wanted to add a post n see what others thought - if thats ok.

back in feb 2005 in labour with my first i started to suffer from a seizure n hav done ever since. the docs say its non epileptic as im semi conscous, they even put it down to depression - which to me is lame! ooh and also sleep deprived again bull too.

so heres some of my symptons:

tinglin - starts in my bum n little finger
rollin eyes
seizures - semi conscious - if i have seizure
cant breath
foamin at the mouth
hot to cold
eye aches
neck aches
shootin pains - in chest n back  and in legs
cant walk (if i do i drag me feet/legs)
slurry words
back trouble
light headed
VERY senitive eyes (wear glasses now but dont do nout)
hair fallin out
achy joints - knees, wraist, ankles
swallon face normally right side.
drunken feelin
lost me voice (3times now)
balance affected
memory useless now
very forgetfull
no concerntration
not hungry
dont sleep - lucky if i get 4hrs

ive recently had another MRI - docs say its normal, but says that the cerebellar tonsil was slightly low lying so ive joined the chiari malformation group too.

ive had a head / eye /neck ache since last sunday now, docs prescribed co-codamol even though i said it dont do anythin. the pains easied off a little but im left with a weird sensation, to feelin me heads bein squashed - its more into the curve of my head that actually at the top of my head. the only way i can describe it is like ive slept funny - which i know i havent!

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Hello and welcome!

I'm not sure if I can help you much but I did want to welcome you! I'm in a cog fog (similar to your last 4 of 5 symptoms). wish I could help sort it out for you but don't have the concentration at the moment.

I will say some of your symptoms sound familiar to MS while others don not. Have you seen a neurologist yet?

sorry for the short answer, hopefully someone with their full faculties  with chime n here with a better answer.

Just remember , you are ALWAYS  welcome here. Have you read the Health Pages in the upper right corner of this page? They are located next to the yellow icon. They contain a wealth of information and that may be a good starting point for you.

Again, Welcome,
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Hi there,
I wanted to welcome you and not let your post go un noticed.  This is the best forum I have found containing lots of people who don't understand what is going on with them.

I myself am diagnosed with MS, but that by no means gives me the answers to the disease.
I am very sorry you are having all of these crazy uncomfortable/painful issues, but I have no ability to give you answers.  I can say that there are a few symptoms on your list that do not sound like MS, and may very well be a mimic.

If you look on the top right of the forum you will find a link for health pages.  In there is a list of MS mimics.  Maybe this list will help you find answers to your suffering.

I know you will be welcome here and maybe you will even find someone who knows more about what you are experiencing.  You will definately find people who understand :)

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Hi and welcome, emz.

It certainly sounds as if you're having seizures. MedHelp has an Epilepsy forum, and you might get some good information from posting there too. Just to see what the experienced people there have to say.

I'm no MS expert, but still I think that what you describe doesn't sound like MS. So many illnesses can cause symptoms such as yours, but MS doesn't involve joint problems, swelling, or hair falling out, among other things. Have you been screened for lupus or fibromyalgia?

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hi and thank you..

ive been seen a numerous times by a neuroogist and again jus get fobbed off, its only recently they decided to second test me think maybe to shout me up.. ive a follow up appointment in october , and am waitin on an EMG appointment.

my mom was diagnosed with MS 2 yrs ago followin an MRI scan but doctors hav now changed their minds without givin her any proper reason to why, she also suffers strokes too. but she doesnt suffer from the seizure part like me.

ive asked about MS cus of my mother but doctors wont look at that. ive already looked at the mimic thing givin a run down of MS and thats kinda why i joined - i marked off all but two.. :-(

ess - thing with my docs/neuro they wont consider anythin - accordin to them im some wat normal - yet they cant explain or giv me answers to why im experiencin wat i am..

thanx again all who commented..

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