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off to Vancouver

Well, we are off to Vancouver UBC tomorrow, and hoping that we will get some much needed answers.  As far as the DMD"S go, we are thinking of asking for the Copaxone.  I'm wondering if depression gets worse with on a DMD, someone told me that it can .....

I will keep you posted, wish me luck ...

:) Candy
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Copaxone ie not normally associated with risk of depression.  Interferon beta is.

Good luck, bon voyage, and hope all goes smoothly.  Look forward to your update.
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I will hope for nice weather but the PNW is awfully freaky right now - a little snow, hail, rain, sun ... pretty typical Spring. lol ~

I hope all goes well Candy.
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I hope all goes well tomorrow! I will have you in my thoughts. As DB said, Copaxone is not known to cause  depression as are the other DMDs.

I was on Copaxone and did not suffer any depression symptoms while taking it. It also depends what your neuro thinks will hep you at this stage of the game. If you are SPMS, then he may or may not approve Copaxone for treatment. Make sure you have done your homework on the other DMDs in case he suggests something other than Copaxone.

I will keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be a good day for you!!
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Have a good trip today. I know there's been lots of ferry cancelations lately due to high winds, hopefuly it'll be smooth sailing. I've been putting off a trip down to Van for a couple months now from the interior due to the weather/roads.

I use the UBC MS clinic also. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better place anywhere in BC to deal with any neurological issues.

I hope you get the answers you're looking for!

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Hope your appt goes well, I'm hoping to head to the coast in a couple of months too for my MS clinic appt.

let us know how things go
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