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off topic - worried about my Fluffy

Fluffy has had a sometimes weepy left eye for a couple of months, but otherwise seemed fine.  I picked him up from the catsitter's on Friday (he was there 5 days) and his left cheek was swollen.  I called and made an appointment with the vet for Thursday the 11th.  That night I noticed he was having trouble eating, so I called Saturday morning and moved his appt. up to Tuesday.  Today is my day-after-Avonex-aching and fatige day.

The weekend was rough; he whined a lot, wanted to be by me all the time, and Sunday night he didn't want to eat his dinner (with his medicine in it) at all.  I'm feeling concerned and depressed.  Fluffy has been my little guy for almost 16 years, and I didn't realize something was wrong until it was really wrong.  I don't know if it's dental; probably, but he won't let me look at that side of his mouth.

I hope it's treatable and I can afford whatever treatment is necessary.  With his other health issues, all we need is one more thing.  If he needs a tooth pulled, that will be another appointment (an expensive one).  I'm just tired and sad.

Send some good thoughts to Fluffy and me, please.

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OH... poor fluffy... I can understand how you are feeling, I have a 14 year old Peke dog and love him dearly.. he seems to be getting sicker more often and it's not an easy place to be.  

Hope he feels better soon, let us know what the Vet says.

take care and hugs to both of you
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I hope he is okay.  I know what a part of your soul he is.

Thinking good thoughts for both of you.

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Sometimes our pets are our babies.  I hope your baby feels well soon.
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Your cat is in my prayers! I hope it is somthing simple and easy to do or get rid of. I know how special those lil guys can be to our hearts and hope you get some answers soon. As a fellow cat owner ill be looking for your update!
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gentle ((hugs)) for you and Fluffy both.

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Thanks, everyone.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow morning.


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