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pain relief for ms

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if you do have ms and it is the type that causes nerve pain and muscle spasms when you start taking the drugs they put you on do you get relief from the pain?
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I use medical marijuana. Too many side effects w/heavy drugs like oxy and vicodin. It has unexpectedly improved my vision (I have optic neuritis) which I have no explanation for. Tthe people at my dispensary are able to provide me with varieties specifically suited to my MS needs; and I have some for sleep, for relaxation and some that just makes me philosophical about and amused by this crazy little thing called Life. I also laugh more, and that is *always* a good thing!

Thanks for being here people.
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Thanks for your response. I guess you are then saying that they treat the symptoms of the pain. I already take neurontin,zanaflex,oxycodone and vicodin the last 2 sparingly. I just did not know if you started taking  ms meds.if they too would help to stop the pain.....
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I have spasms in my legs and arms.  I take Soma at night.  It doesn't stop the spasms from occuring, but it does take a lot of the edge off the pain, and I can get right back to sleep.  My neuro is talking about starting Baclofen along with it.

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I have nerve pain, primarily in my lower legs, and have been put on Lyrica, Neurontin and soon will start on Cymbalta to see if I get a better result with the pain.  In addition, I am taking baclofen before bedtime for the pain.  

The good thing about baclofen is that it helps relax the muscles spasms, but doesn't do anything for the numbness/tingling.  Thats ok though because the numbness and tingling are not my main concerns anymore.

The drugs tend to help right away, like the baclofen in my case, but the other drugs took me at least a week or two.

I hope this was helpful.  
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