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pain relief

With all I'm going through my worst or most annoying symptom is pain. In reading about ms (I'm still undiagnosed) It wasn't thought of as a painful condition. But I am dealing with worsening pain. Mostly in my feet and legs.I'm wondering in everyone's personal opinion What is more helpful? I've been prescribed opiates  but I'm afraid of dependency and feel you build tolerance to them. When one pill at a time doesn't work I take myself off them for a few days to a week because I don't want to wind up taking more. I suffer the few days and go through nausea when I start taking them again. Ive seen commercials for drugs like lyrica etc or read about drugs that block nerve pain are these better for pain related to ms ?  I need to keep moving even though I just feel like laying down. Work is really difficult for me but I have to keep working mainly because of health insurance. Oh and will these drugs at least tone down the buzzing in my neck and back because that's another symptom that I could live without.
thanks Karen
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Hi to all - w/ greetings to my friend Khiba - I have tried Lyrica and had a reaction of involuntary jerking.  I didn't have tremendous results with neurontin, but it did help at high doses.  I'm currently involved in the vicious trap of narcotics, but have MS as well as Sys. Sclerosis so have joint pain that's really bad on top of the MS pain.  Also osteoporosis and spinal problems causing pain.  I'd LOVE to get off, but my doctors keep saying I'd have to have an implanted pump to handle the pain - sends morphine directly to the brain, which helps with pain at a lower dose that doesn't effect you as much systemically.  Problem is having a big box under your skin.  I feel your "pain" - I really didn't mean to use that pun - as far as not knowing what to do about pain without dependence or side effects.  Everyone's case is different, so whatever you decide, please don't feel guilty about your choice.  No one knows but you how badly you hurt.  It's one of the hardest medical issues to deal with.  I wish you well.

Blessings, Jan
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I have experienced the same feet and calf pain that you describe.  Also pain and buzzing in fingers, toes, forearms - well just about everywhere! I went on 300 mg of Lyrica in August of 08 following a major MS flare-up.  The Lyrica completely eliminated the the pain and buzzing.  I was thrilled with the results.  

The problem with Lyrica is the weight gain/inability to lose weight while taking it.  My Neuro told me there is no way I could lose weight on 300mg so at his suggestion I cut it down to 200mg and then after a week to 100mg.  I had terrible withdrawal symptoms (insomnia, sweating, pain and nausea).  By the time I got down to 100 mg the pain/buzzing was back and I am currently pretty miserable.  

I have a call in to the Neuro to see if there is something else he can prescribe for the pain that will not mess with my metabolism and therefore allow me to lose weight.  If not, I guess I'll have to increase the Lyrica dose and try to learn to deal with the weight (which I really, really don't want to do).  

Anyway, in my book, Lyrica is a wonder drug when it comes to eliminating pain and buzzing.

I wish you the best in your journey to for pain relief.  Anyone who says MS is not painful has never met MS.

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In thinking about my pain I feel I have both neuropathic and pain from an injury to my neck.
I get surprising stabbing pains pretty much everywhere, I have the buzzing which isn't painful just annoying that moves from my neck to my right shoulder or from my neck down my spine. I find it hard to sit up straight I tend to hunch over sitting up straight hurts my spine.

I have a cramping or spasm thats constant in my right arm. Its like if your finger cramps up and you need to move it with your other hand to stop it this happens with my entire right arm . I go through That  a few times a day.
My feet and legs hurt its hard to describe its a stiffness in my calfs and waking up and walking is excurciating(forgive my spelling my brain is tired today)I lay in bed when I wake up and make great efforts to get up and walk normally and I just look like an old lady.And now after what i would call a good day . I worked eight hours and accomplished more than i do on most days now my legs are weak stiff shakey and in pain . I hope I don't suffer for this tomorrow.I have to be at work by 7 am.

I also get a numb area  above my right knee and a feeling like i have something wrapped around my upper right arm. This isn't constant it comes and goes. This is some weird stuff.

Ive taken tramadol and it actually gave me restless leg syndrome and I know from experience that withdrawal from these things is no fun. thats why I want to try something else
I haven't seen my PCP since he called me and said your mri says you have ms. He was very blunt.  But I guess Thats not an easy thing to say to someone., He did offer his time and told me to come in and talk about it and I never did. but I think Its time for me to stop playing the md avoidance game and make an appointment to discuss options other then opiates because they just aren't helping.  

I just have a bad taste for doctors in general after seeing the nuero from mars.
So thats the best i can describe my pain What are your thoughts as to which way I should go with getting some relief ?

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I am with you on not taking opiates for pain because of the addiction factor. Even Tramado/Ultram is a bear to get off and the Doctors say it is non addictive!

I have MS, Fibromyalgia and Transverse Myelitis and have a constant buzzing and nerve pain in my hands and feet and pelvic area and for the nerve pain I highly recommend Lyrica as it works really well for me!

Not only is it listed for nerve pain but for Fibromyalgia as well. From experience I can say the Lyrica will turn off the buzzing in the neck and spine in a short period of time. It doesn't work for everyone, but its been a lifesaver for me even at the minimal doses I take.

As Ess says, Neurontin/Gabapentin, works in the same fashion. I have been on both and find Lyrica more effective at a lower dose. Gabapentin, the generic version of Neurontin is very inexpensive. Lyrica which doesn't have a generic available yet, is pretty darned expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it.

Its worth discussing with your Doctor at any rate. I know that buzzing is annoying and wears on the nerves!

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This is a complicated question, since a lot of different kinds of pain can occur with MS. It is certainly untrue that MS is not a painful disease.

If your pain is largely neuropathic (Health Pages describe this if you're not familiar), then a med such as Lyrica or Neurontin is your best bet. These are not habit-forming. This is just one example of what I mean.

Could you tell us what kinds of pain you have? Then we'd be in a better position to give advice. Relatively few MSers take opiates, although it does happen.


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