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scared of ms and im only 18

hello everyone hope every one is in good health and it'll mean the world for me as the gp dont care about me and says its stress for some one to reply:)
about 4 months ago i had butterfly rash on my face it had gone couple weeks later and i thought it was a tan even though i live in England and its cold here and i didnt bother at all then i woke up with jaw pain and jaw popping and a ache feeling on the floor of my mouth a week later my hands started turning pink which is called palmar erythema i had these weird 2 second twitches no pain and ive had burning pinching feelings everywhere.ive felt vibration feeling on my left shoulder which last 2 seconds and ive had the worst wrist pain in both wrist and I've realised every time i bend my elbow my pinky finger feels funny. ive had no numbness anywhere in my body and have had testicle ache no weakness just discomfort and horrible pain in wrist and shoulder thank you and can you guys tell me what it can be and btw i have red lines on my eyes and dry mouth its just the twitches and weird nerve feelings and vibrating that are leading me towards ms thank you plz reply i feel horrible the only time the gp(doctor) will take me serious is if i fake a fall infront of them idk wht do do.   :(     :)
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yep minis are nice cars the weathers not nice here in England to get a convertible i wish tough  anyway i went to the opticians yesterday no sign of uveits or optic neuritis can i ask does ms cause nerve compression?
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Your suppose to be feeling reasured that the health of your vision isnt abnormal, so this should be another question which doesnt matter to you if MS does or doesnt cause nerve compression now you have even more diagnostic information pointing away from your symptoms being the same or similar to the symptoms and or clinical signs consistent/suggestive of a neurological condition like MS.

Technically though MS caused nerve issues are not the same type of thing so no, compression or a pinched nerve is usually what happens when too much pressure is applied to a nerve by surrounding muscles, tendons etc and its usually a short term peripheral nerve issue but even though its not common, it can cause permanent nerve damage or loss of function in the affected area if the cause isnt fixed or fixeable.

In someone your age group if its not due to a developmental issue eg scoliosis or an accident, nerve symptoms are often just repedative or postural related.

Hope that helps.....JJ
ok thank you my doctor doesn't think its ms and its something to do with my peripheral nerve system i will keep and ubdate thank you
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my anxiety is not seriious im just confused people say fasculations do and people say its not a symptom of ms
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Your own words, your continued focus about having a medical condition that you dont have any consistent symptoms or clinical signs of having, your unresolved anxiety about something being seriously wrong with you that isnt your mental health, your continued checking if symptom x is getting worse, your continued online reading about medical symptoms and or medical conditions and then experiencing even more symptoms that you perceive to be the same as what you've been reading about  etc etc = common health anxiety behaviours and are what is consistent / suggestive of escalating health realted anxiety.

whilst you want the focus to be off your anxiety, what you need to understand is that you will not get past this until you focus on getting help for your anxiety. The most important medical condition that you are dealing with right now is your anxiety, get your mental health under control and you will be able to shut down your bodies stress reactions which will help identify IF there are any other symptoms left .

ok thank you this is embarrassing sorry
Dont be embarrassed, honestly nothing to be embarrassed about, mental health conditions actually cause many physical symptoms and until you understand how anxiety effects you personally its genuinely difficult making sense of what's happening.

This time frame in the history of man kind is truly going to go down in the history books for people experiencing health realted anxiety, so believe me when i say you are not alone!!

ok thank you ill let you know of anything
hello super mum sorry for being annoying ive started to realise that if i touch the side of my bicep my hands tingle does ms cause hot spots that if touched can cause tingling? im not stressed i promise i just want to learn more thank you
It honestly wouldnt matter if MS did or didnt, you cant ignore everything that isnt consistent with a neurological condition until you eventually come across something that validates your fears!

To be clear seconds of sensation that ends when you stop doing what ever you did to cause it isn't consistent with a neurological condition like MS.

If you stop jumping to conclusions every time you feel something odd and try acknowledging it then with purpose doing something you enjoy doing thats a complete distraction eg playstation, shooting hoops, skate boarding etc you will start to get your mind to get out of the thought loop its in......put it this way its something you can try, wont hurt, might be fun, and doing something to break the cycle is better than doing nothing to break the cycle...


i wish mam i could do those i have alot of school work and i have late shifts in a market plus worrying with my health thanks for the answer.
ok you have  a lot of responsibilities on your plate, which is why you need to do something to decompress, something that lets off a little steam and lets you be free to be a kid again for a minute or two.....no body can keep their head up day after day after day without taking a minute or two to breath!

i have a mini convertible so i love to put the top down turn up the music and sing (badly) at the top of my lungs tootling down the road, dont care what i look like or who sees me, that is my minute for me....

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thank you so much i will come back to you if there's anyhting else I've got to ask, or i find out what is happening to me  just in alot of stress do you have any ideas what it could be they said lupus but i dont have a fever just alot of mucus and they said sjogren but i have neuropathy and twitching thank you. I gave the doctor a note of all my symptoms he done the knee jerk he said it was normal and i dont have to go to the neurologist.i hacent slept in a long time and what time of autoimmune diseases cause pink hands thank you.
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Be honest because it makes a difference to the answers, have  you just self diagnose these conditions "palmar erythema", "Lupus" and "sjogren" or did your dr actually diagnose you with them or mention prior to any testing, that your symptoms are suggestive of Lupus, sjorgren, and palmar erythema?......JJ

the palmar no i just have really pink hands and the doctor told me it was so he told me to do a ra test and a lupus test i think its called esr or ecr they both came back normal im literally going crazy he said it could be one of them 2 sjogren or lupus and said to do these test and come back but he's not letting me see a neurologist they are so tight i really believe i have ms i don't know what symptoms i have are closer to another autoimmune disease apart from ms and my hip start to pop every time i walk im only 18 my grandads 73 when he walks his hips dont pop
he told me it was palmar erythema but i dont think he diagnosed it he just touched it i asked if it was palmar erythema and he said yes but he didnt give me no medicne for it it doesn't really bother me just the colour is strange and it changes from blotchy red to pink to orange soemtimes i have shooting pain in my head and a tingling back im just so confused how all these symptoms happend so quick i was so healthy and normal till my jaw pain and and red tan. does ms cause quick progression and i heard 2 second twitching is not a sign of ms and i saw a website where they said it can be. im very 50/50 in everything
OK so what your saying is these medical conditions were mentioned by your Dr but because you have no abnormal test results to confirm, you don't have any of them or any other alternative diagnosis....

Your health related anxiety is clearly the most important medical issue you are dealing with at this moment and you should seriously consider the benefits of makng your mental health your priority medical issue. Keep in mind that once you have regained control of your anxiety again, you will be more capable of dealing with any other medical issues you face now and into your future!

Its in your best interest to stop reading about MS, id actually highly recommend you completely stop researching symptoms because instead of the information helping you make sense and calm your health related anxiety down, its actually doing the exact opposite and making your anxiety and fears escalate.

By reading about the very medical condition your health related anxiety has become fixated on, the more you are reading about all the MS associted symptoms, the worse your symptoms will get and the more symptoms you'll add to your already growing list of symptoms and then the more convinced you'll become that you must in fact have the very medical condition your health related anxiety has fixated on and the harder it will be for anyone to convince you that you don't in fact have your anxieties feared disease...

In regards to the information you've provided to a neurological condition like MS; "I gave the doctor a note of all my symptoms he done the knee jerk he said it was normal and i dont have to go to the neurologist" What your Dr did was likely the basic mini neurological tests of which the "knee jerk" is one you were more aware of being neurological. Most neurologically caused symptoms have specific neurological 'clinical signs' that your body will physically display when specific neurologically suggestive symptoms are caused by one of the 380+ neurological conditions.

The basic reason why neurological caused symptoms have specific clinical signs is due to the way damage to either the central nervous system and peripheral nervous systems work.....if the patient only has 'normal' neurological clinical signs, its a red flag pointing away from the neurological causes, or in other words, your normal neurological clinical sign was a clear indication to your Dr that what you have labeled "neuropathy and twitching" is not caused by a neurological condition because if it was, your neurological clinical signs would of been abnormal.

To be clear, i don't know how you've come up with these symtoms being close to MS cause they're really usually not even suggestive of MS at all eg hip popping not sure where that fits in, you are likely over reading in to something that you are doing to make it happen, seriously anybody can make their hip(s) pop if you ambulate in the race walk style. Making something happen isn't abnormal persay, its more about creating a situation, even accidentally and giving it more meaning and researching it as a symptom...

Even if the symptoms you've mentioned experiencing aren't because of a neurological condition like MS, it doesn't mean the symptoms your dealing with carn't be due to some other entirely different type of medical conditon and or because of a combination of lesser medical issues coming together to create a confused picture. So going back to the most visible or obvious symptom of the butterfly rash, which is associated with Lupus (fyi Lupus is one of the MS mimics) but not actually MS though, so unless you didn't self diagnose the butterfly rash, that very specific type of 'rash' is your dr's clear indication of something going on apart from your anxiety. IF your Lupus/sjogren related blood tests were normal its likely going to be something else that causes that specific type of rash.

"Causes of the malar rash include:

autoimmune diseases, such as lupus
bacterial infections, such as Lyme disease
inflammatory skin disorders, such as rosacea
vitamin deficiencies, such as pellagra
genetic disorders, such as Bloom syndrome
sensitivity to ultraviolet rays in sunlight

Lupus or SLE
Lupus is a chronic autoimmune condition where a person’s immune system attacks healthy tissue. It is also known as systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE.

Lupus results in inflammation of joints, skin, and other organs. While there is no cure, treatment can improve some of the symptoms.

Around half of all people diagnosed with lupus will develop a malar rash as a symptom. One study recorded a prevalence of 61 percentTrusted Source.

This common skin condition affects 16 million Americans and 415 million people worldwideTrusted Source. It is characterized by:

redness of the skin
hard or pus-filled pimples
Seborrheic dermatitis
Seborrheic dermatitis is a common inflammatory disease of the skin characterized by greasy or dry scales usually on the scalp, hairline, and face, although it can affect many other areas of the body.

When someone has dandruff, they have a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis.

Cellulitis is a type of bacterial infection that affects the deeper skin layers plus the layer of fat that is stored directly under the skin.

Lyme disease
This is caused by a tick bite, which then transmits bacteria into the body. Other symptoms may include:

joint pain
severe headaches
This is a condition involving inflammation of the muscles, connective tissues, and skin. Unlike SLE, the associated rash impacts the folds of skin that run from either side of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

When someone eats a diet that is extremely low in niacin, one of the B vitamins, it can lead to Pellagra.

This condition causes a range of symptoms that affect the skin, central nervous system, gastrointestinal system, and mucous membranes, such as the lining of the mouth. These symptoms can include pain and swelling.

Bloom syndrome
Bloom syndrome, which is also called Bloom-Torre-Machacek syndrome, is an inherited disorder that is characterized by short stature and elevated rates of most cancers.

Among other symptoms, it causes a malar rash and skin eruptions on other areas of the body.

Homocystinuria is a genetic disorder where the body is unable to process the amino acid methionine, leading to harmful levels of this and the chemical homocysteine in the blood and urine.

The condition can also result in vision problems, skeletal abnormalities, and intellectual disability.

Erysipelas is a skin infection caused by Streptococcus bacteria. It results in acute skin inflammation. This is a rare cause, but it may also affect the ears and the face.

Sunburn or sensitivity to sunlight may cause a malar rash, and it may worsen one if it already exists."

I seriously recommend you hyper focus on your escalating anxiety, and in the mean time stop your researching of symptoms, reading about specific medical conditions like MS that you haven't been diagnosed with and even try not talking about symptoms or any undiagnosed medical conditions whilst your trying to get your health related anxiety back within your control, which will also improve the quality of sleep your getting which will also help you.

Hope that helps.......JJ
thank you that really helps i will sure come back and tell you the results i hope its not ms and thank you this really helped alot.
hello super mum i hope your doing good with great health can i ask does optic neuritis cause red lines on eyes and does it cause random burning. thank you i have more blood test next week.
Hi, by "red lines on eyes" i'm assuming your referring to the actual veins that you see on the white of the eyeball otherwise i have no idea what alternative 'red lines on eyes' you could be meaning but no Optic neuritis (ON) doesnt cause that type of thing becauase ON is actually damage to the optic nerve and if the optic nerve is damaged you experience things like double vision or short term loss of vision in that eye when you over heat etc random burning could even be allergy or infection but its not MS related if thats where your headspace is stuck on.....JJ
ok thank you for replying i really appreciate it i know i might seem abit annoying its just im young and the last issue i want is my health thanks.
Needing information isnt a problem no matter your age,  remember though to take on board everything your learning and not just cherry picking the bits that make your anxiety worse, which is what health related anxiety like to do......JJ
okay thank you.
okay thank you.
hello super mum hope you doing okay does ms cause fasculations small twitches painless everywhere in the body thank you I've heard it does and I've heard its not part of the central nervous system and more peripheral thank you.
and super mum I still don't understand the tingling and burning sensations in ms are they constant for a couple hours or minutes because i have tingling and burning sensations they last 2 seconds and go
sorry ive been busy and not had a chance to get back to you before now...

Your describing the type of short lived all over twitching associated with mental health which your anxiety could be the cause of but you're also describing the tingling etc caused by bent limbs only lasting seconds too, situation specific sensations that are usually postural most commonly normal so with your health related anxiety up and running, its possible that you are inadvertently self checking so much and you are overly reading perfectly normal sensations caused by your actions and your anxiety is getting you to become more convinced that something is wrong with your health.

eg when you do this 'x' happens so your health anxiety interprets 'x' as proof something really bad is wrong with you

your not going to get in control of your anxiety unless you see someone about your health related anxiety and stop repeating the behavior cycle so part of the solution is going to be to get off health specific on line medical support sites unless its one specifically for 'health anxiety'

food for thought.........JJ
ok thank you its just i have these weird sensations and i think i have uveitis im very worried my doctor does not want to refer me to a neuro my eyes hurt aswell when i move them my anxiety is everywhere sorry for the late reply i thought you had given up on my symptoms thats why i havent been on this website. thanks
so does ms cause fasculations?
Ok deep breath......

The ONLY way an 18 year old would know the names of specific medical issues like uveitis and fasculations, would be from googling and getting sucked into reading about some seriously scary medical conditions that serves you no purpose other than to keep feeding your health related anxiety, so stop it, seriously stop googling and asking about specific medical issues that you've read about and will likely never be diagnosed with but you have freaked yourself out over anyway.

It doesnt matter if it does or doesnt, you cant ignore the giant pink elephant jumping around yelling at the top of its lungs in your ear "look at moi" for much longer, anxiety is not something you can ignore your way healthy!

You are clealy dealing with an anxiety related mental health condition which is consistent/suggestive of health anxiety, and if that is your situation, no matter what symptom you read about you could potentially experience something similar to it. Similar enough that you could convince your self that you now have this symptom as well, so you really must have this weeks/months/years/decades terrible medical condition that your anxiety has you hyper focused on.

Health anxiety is a serious medical condition, one you honestly need to focus ALL you attention into understanding because exactly what type of anxiety you have will impact many aspects of your life if you dont seek treatment, of which there are many. What type of axiety you have is important to know so your dr's can work out which treatment plan is your best plan of attack.....focus on understanding and treating the medical condition you know to be true  so you can change your tomorrows!

Ask you family dr for a referal to a psychiatrist so you can be diagnosed and work out the best treatment options for me, your dr will take you seriously and lets face it IF you don't have a mental health condition that's causing your symptoms, the psychiatrist will be able to give you that validation and the support you need in looking into alternative explanations, so you cant loose by seeking help for your anxiety.

Hope that helps........JJ

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Hi and welcome, firstly i'm sorry you've become afraid of your symptoms being a neurological condition like MS, hopefully i can give you some reassurance of MS being so low on the list of potential causes for what you've described that you can start to breeth....

"i feel horrible the only time the gp(doctor) will take me serious is if i fake a fall infront of them...."

I hope that was sarcasm and you're not saying you actually have faked a fall in front of a dr to get his/her attention or think you should try doing it, because faking and or exaggerate anything will always back fire, big time and it will cause any dr to focus only on your mental health and away from anything else.

In regards to whether or not a neurological condition like MS could be what you are dealing with, the answer isn't what you are probably thinking because its highly unlikely to be something like MS because of multiple reasons ie your symptoms rappidly developed over a very short time frame of only 4 months, the type of symptoms you've experience are too varied and don't really follow the typical presenting symptom pattern for MS.

Your technically younger than the most common age range so would come under peadriatric, which if you think about it would mean on top of it being an already uncommon medical explanation it would also be within one of the rarest age groupls. I gather you are a male because of the testicular symptoms and whilst men can and do get MS, the people more commonly diagnosed with MS are typically female so that would also put you out side the norm.

It may not be suggestive of a neurological condition like MS but something else could be going on because of the visible symptoms like the butterfly rash you've experienced. I will point out the you've named the pink palm as "palmar erythema" which might or might not to be self diagnosed because its usually associated with pregnancy or liver cirrhosis, although it is also to a lesser degree associated with mediation side effects like a butter fly facial rash is, so medical side effect    
is a possible explanation for you to consider if you've recently started or changed a medication of some sort.

Be aware ' IF ' you genuinely do have anxiety that has become health related, some behaviours can inadvertently make things worse, basically with anxiety your behaviours can be like throwing fuel onto your burning anxiety fire and the more you do them the worse you feel / the more symptoms you experience.

To give you and idea of some of the common behaviours that worsen health realated anxiety they are usually things like hyper focusing on every sensation even if it only lasts a second or two, constantly self checking your body, researching symptoms, researching any of the serious medical conditions that are associated with the same or similar symptoms, seaking different medical tests/dr opinions when your test results are not consistent or suggetive of the medical condition you are afraid of because you cant get the condition you fear out of your thoughts....

I hope that helps.......JJ

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