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seasonal depression

Hi all, here I sit and type this at 2:15 am because |I can't sleep.  Pain in my hip won't let up, and so I get up and do this.  

Got to see the Dr. last week.......(what a joke) , he was to tired to talk about my issues, and told my hubby and I that we need to come back more frequently because he just had heart surgery, and he gets to tired.   I asked why he was there and not a nother ddro. but he did not answer.  

So, not all my stuff was taken care of, so we still wait and just do what we can do.

Going to UBC to see Dr. Devonshire on the 20th of January so that should be an interesting day.  4 appointments starting from 10 am, and lasting all day, so I should be a nice mess when it is over, just in time for the 1 1/2 ferry trip home, then 45 minute drive to actually get home.   Oh, well, that is life I guess.
Been really sad lately, and don't know if it is the season, or just me ?    Anyone else doing this???

Candy \
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Candy, I am up tonight as well...unable to sleep due to my monthly steroid treatments...It lasts about five days and sleep will come.  In addressing the depression, my guess it is not seasonal but situational.  The situation being that your body is in distress and you are not receiving the proper care.  When the situation is off the plate, the depression will be gone.  My old neuro insisted I was depressed and was even more insistent on my taking meds for it.  I told him find out what is wrong with me and my depression will lift.  It was the fear of not knowing.
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I am only allowed one issue per visit even when I see my MS Specialist every six months and that visit is 15-20 minutes. My PCP is about 7 minutes. I am allowed one complaint per visit. When you have MS, Asthma, and lots of other issues you are out of luck. In the U.S. system you are a symptom not a whole organism. It is a wonder anything ever gets treated. I spend more time driving and waiting in Doctors offices than I would like. On top of it I have big medical costs even with insurance.

You can get SAD lights to help with depression. They are cheap here these days. You just have it on for a half hour in the morning. I use them.

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I'm so sorry for your sadness, I too am a very depressed type person without medication. I had been having a terrible time with depression and was already on medication. My doctor added an addtional medication and I feel better than I have (mentally) in a long time. If one thing doesn't work don't give up. I will pray for you.

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The whole medical "process" is a joke!  Good luck with all that!

I too, suffer from SAD, but not so much as a depressive thing.  I just feel like a big she-bear and want to sleep the winter away!  I REALLY celebrate the Winter Solstice for a couple of reasons:
1.  I've been off the grid for 27 years, totally solar, and it means my battery bank will be happier soon.
2.  I will fell perkier, soon
Both of these happy events happen about February when I start getting more light.  Alex's suggestion for SAD lights is a good one.  You're considerably further north of me.

Good luck!
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well yeh i feel for him - but you need dr!!   hugs!! tick
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I actually have a light box prescribed by my dr. I am just starting to use it again. I turn it on for 15 minutes in the am while drinking my tea and chatting with my hubby. It truly does make a tremendous difference in how I feel. That in combination with my vitamin D3 has turned things around for me in the winter. :)
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