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sensitive skin?

I randomly get pain to the touch on my upper back/shoulder area - hurts to lightly graze with your fingers.
Anyone else get this issue?

Is this yet another treat due to MS? Sometimes lasts for hours sometimes a day or so.

I had sunburn just below it over the weekend and that was quite a treat - arg!
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yes! Took care of a patient with the same problem
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   Hello and Welcome to the Forum :)
I am sure that you will find several of us on this Forum that have the same sx that you are descibing. I too get that from time to time have mostly happens on lower arms and left leg.

    Still not a bad idea to touch base w/ your Neuro to let them know what is going on.
Try and keep record as to how long it last as well as write down other sx so that your next Neuro appt you will have a time line to share w/ him / her.

    Sun Block is not a bad idea ;)...Lol

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Hello....I have been experiencing the same thing on and off for 9 months now. Just to simply rub the skin on my own arm at times is very painful to the touch. It can last from a very short time like an hr or so and at other times goes on for a day or two. Then not happen again for a couple months.

I actually avoid the sun mostly due to the heat causing the MS to drain me very quickly of the energy that I may have stored up.

Hugs~ Robin
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I was having this symptom before I was diagnosed with MS.  It's such a crazy symptom and know that you are in good company with it.

For me it is not exactly pain, but really annoying irritation and seemed to be much worse at night.  I'd put on my pajamas and just the material touching my skin would make me feel so irritated that I had to take it off immediately.  And, it seems to be worse from the waist down.

The MS nurse told me that this is a fairly common symptom in MS and has to do with the nerves being overstimulated especially at the end of the day.

In my case, it sems to have gone away (knock on wood) so I am wondering if the medications I'm taking for the MS are keeping it under control. Hope that's it anyway.

You can mention it to your neuro who will reassure you that it is just part of the packaged deal with MS.  Are you taking meds for nerve pain?

Take care.

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I am told this is quite commom. I actually have been to the doc a few times in my life thinking I ust have shingles or something only to find out it is "just neuropathic" overstimulated nerves my internist would say. It does hurt. Last weekend was the worst I had ever expereinced and the longest. Praise God that is over now. Those are the days for laying naked on the bed and locking the door. LOL.
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Nope I am not taking any meds for nerve pain. I am on antibiotics for constant bladder/uti infections and oxybutin for bladder urgency and frequency.
Just now I am starting to notice - well I guess I should say pay attention to the other symptoms I am having/or have had.

I guess it is time to start writing this stuff down in a notebook or something so I remember to pass along to my neuro on next visit.

Now I know why I find a massage to be so excruciatingly painful :) I will be stiff and sore and people are always you should get a massage they are heavenly - I have had 1 once and I thought it to be anything but heavenly! Ha!

Thanks to all for your comments and advice/help!
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I go for massages.  Thought it was a good idea after I was diagnosed and all, but the whole time I am in tears.  I have to tell the peson doing it to ignore my tears because  I know that loosening up the muscles is what I need no materhow much it may hurt.  

I think you should not only write this down, but you need to get an appointment with your neuro and get this under control.  

Are you on a DMD?  I noticed about .3-4 months after starting copaxone the sensitivity to touch was not completely gone but much much better.  

I hope you can get some relief soon than later.  

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