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spinal tap procedure without side effects

My wife seems to be experiencing some severe headaches as a result from the lp procedure which was admin 40 hours ago, her head hurt to begin with 8/10 then 10/10 (pain scale) immediately afterwards when we were attempting to leave the er, resulting in her being admitted.  Tomorrow she's scheduled for a patch to help in case there's a leak but I'm thinking she should give it at least a week or two??  Also does anyone know anyone who's received an lp with minimal to no side effects if so please advise asap, I'm tired of her taking these leaps of faith to know avail of relief :(
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I had the same thing happen from my lumbar puncture.  If it very severe, go to the emergency room now.  More than likely she has a tiny leak of spinal fluid, and will need a procedure call a blood patch.  It is quite simple, and relieves the headache almost immediately.

This is what I experienced following mine.

Most sincerely,
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The Patch is absolutely what she needs - there is no need for her to suffer for a week or two with this killer headache when a patch almost always gives immnediate relief.  This is one leap of faith she should take -

About 17% of people have problems with their LP which means that leaves a lot of us with no problems at all.  I am among the 83% who had no problem.  I'm sorry your wife was not as lucky.

Good luck to you both on the next steps in diagnosis.
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HI there,

24 hours lying flat could do the trick (she's already flat in hospital I'm sure).

Actually, not sure if Laura made a typo, up above w/that percentage, but the number is quite higher for those who do experience a leak from an LP. I was one of those. Mayo use to state 40%, but I'd have to check that. And, remember, that's those that are reported. I know my doc did not report mine and I'd venture to say that number is quite higher.

SO, where to from here.  Don't worry, she's not overly leaping dear hubby :) It's great you came on here to ask for help. She's getting the patch because she's in the hospital. That's a good thing. Otherwise she'd have to go it alone and lay flat at home for at least 24 hours w/no guarantee it would seal up.

The fluid replenishes about 2 times a day. So, this takes time.  No lifting for her when she leaves the hospital, no steps, etc. No carrying laundry, etc. Just have her take it easy for days.

Do let us know how she makes out, and thank you for asking us :)
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I too experienced the "spinal headache" about 24 hrs after my LP.  My neuro had me increase my fluid intake and include caffeinated beverages (I drank Mt. Dew).  I also took Excedrin Migraine.  I was fine as long as I was laying flat, but I had to lay flat for the next 3 days before my headache was tolerable enough to stand upright.  I did have a mild residual headache for about a week, no blood patch needed thank goodness.

Hope your wife feels better soon!!
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It's apparently hard to tell how frequent these headache are.  I've seen estimates that range as low as 5% and as high as 40%.  They are apparently more common among young women and in males.

I had no ill effects after my lumbar puncture but I'm an old fart.  I did have a whopper h/a after a myelogram in my younger days.
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my wife appears to be close to 100% recovered now, it's been three weeks since she had the lp procedure, she should have been afforded at least an hour or two to lye back supine flat that was the least they could have done, along with give us the consent form prior and not lie about it, she's thankfully herself again, thanks for your comments and/concerns!
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