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stigmata of multiple sclerosis

I was actually told I did not have MS in 2009.  The clinic where I was seen for nearly 20 years told me they would not care for me.  I protested, had meetings, people advocated, but I was out.  Just today I was looking up records on an patient internet site and found that I actually had stigmata of MS but no active lesions.  

On the strength of this report I was taken off Copaxone.  I have noticed a downhill slide since then.  At this moment I am ticked off but I have so many crucial things to accomplish right now I need to table that anger and do the other things.

I definitely am contacting a lawyer.  Wow!  Check your medical records and do not take what one nasty neurologist says as biblical truth.  I think there is no biblical truth in medicine.  I have been off disease modifying drugs for 3 years.  

My neurologist will do an 3 Tesla MRI in the Autumn.  That should show something.  I had a suspect lesion in my thoracic spine which has been causing me so much pain and an increase in spasms if I move side to side.  It has progress since 1998 when I first noticed it.  

Persevere is my motto and I have in spite of being treated so badly - abusively - the stress has been enormous!
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Hi Irene,
I am sorry for what you are dealing with.

Might I ask, what is stigmata of m.s?
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old lesion activity as best as I can tell from earlier posts in this forum...
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I'm confused because "stigmata" is usually associated with religion as in:
stigmataplural of stig·ma (Noun)
A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person: "the stigma of mental disorder".
(in Christian tradition) Marks corresponding to those left on Jesus’ body by the Crucifixion, said to have been impressed by divine...

Who told you this is what you have?  Am curious as to why the clinic won't see you anymore if you went there for 20 years?

Perhaps you need an MS specialist to sort this out?
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I am not sure on what grounds you can sue. I know you are upset an have a right to be. A cancer clinic ignored my illness until I ended hospitalized at another hospital in bad shape and that is not malpractice legally. I still have to pay them $10,000 out of my own pocket on top of the insurance. I also have to pay thousands for the hospitalization to save my life. I have been banned from Neurology clinics and had my diagnosis taken away. I just found a new MS Specialist who diagnosed again a year and half later. The only true way to tell if someone has MS is after death looking at the brain and spinal cord and seeing the scarring. When I got bad cancer care I went to another hospital.

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I was struggling with the stigmata comment as well - perhaps you are meaning the stigma of MS, which would be akin to being branded with the MS label?  

Anyway, the question I have is why did they stop treating you?  What was the reason they gave for doing this?  Can you take your records and see a different neuro?

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I am sorry to hear of your plight. As a former nurse paralegal, you have to show damage done by the offending party to prove  failure to diagnose or treat.

I hope you do not have to resort to legal action to get your medical needs treated. Remember , that most first consultations with an attorney should be FREE while they determine the validity of your claim.

Wishing you the best,
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