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stroke on both sides of the brain -- neuropsych exam

I'm going to give some background, and I'm interested in any input on any aspect of this.  I went to doc because of short term memory loss, losing words, etc.  I actually was afraid I was getting Alzheimer's or something.  He pooh-pooh'ed anything was wrong but ordered an MRI of the brain to be sure.  I have lesions.  Since then, symptoms have increased, more dizziness, pain in one ear, ringing in that ear, sometimes have difficulty with sentences.  Neuro had spinal tap done, which had O-bands in both CSF and serum.  Neuro says no MS, I may have had "stroke on both sides of my brain."  I've also seen an ENT doc who says ear is clear but may have infection of the eustachian tube.  I'm on antibiotics, nearly 2000 mg. a day for 30 days; then will test for hearing loss.  Since all of this began I'm now on bp med (borderline high bp) and baby aspirin and now starting chlolesterol med (also borderline high).  My PCP, with spinal tap results, concurs probably a stroke.  They are going to schedule a neuropsych eval (PCP thinks aphasia) to look at the cognitive deficits and how to retrain brain.  At this point I've vowed to myself to take more dizziness med and Provigil to make things more bearable and be able to focus for work, but I'm not 100% sure about ruling out MS.  Like I said, I'm interested in all feedback -- and especially the neuro comment about stroke on both sides of the brain, and also neuropsych eval in relation to MS.  My PCP did say if I have to go back to neuro, they'll find a someone else.  THANKS!
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That's interesting - you say your spinal tap came back with o-bands?  Three or more is considered indicative of MS.  It's good that your PCP wants to find another neuro - sounds like this one doesn't know what he's doing.
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Actually, as long as there's more o-bands in the CSF than in the serum, then that's indicative of MS.  They subtract the number of o-bands in the serum from the o-band count in the CSF to come up with the test results...  but the number has to be more than three.
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I can't say much about the stroke - you're welcome to hang around here with us on the MS forum, but you might also want to try your question at the neurology forum here at MedHelp.

Jen is right about the o-bands - I had to go do some looking and consulting (thanks consultants!) to figure this out.

What kind of testing have they done for the other mimics of MS ?  

We're here if you need us,
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Thanks for the advice; I will ask at the other forum.  The other tests for MS, other than the MRI, were from the spinal fluid and blood workup, lupus, lyme, thyroid, etc.  All negative or normal.  So maybe it is as simple as stroke in conjunction with sinus/eustachian problems.  I guess time will tell and determine whether I wander back this way!  THANKS!
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You can wonder around and still stay here.  After all we are nice ppl.  :)

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Not to frighten you but I have to ask. Have you gone to a good cardiology diagnostision. You may need more tests for your cardiovascular system. My husband took lipator for years and still had to have bypass surgery. He also had a stroke in 98 but was diagnosed with carprotunal at first. In 99  he could not say the simple word shirt. I took him to the ER right away. Sure enough he had a stroke. Years later we were told he may have had a very small portion of plack break away in his aorta causing his stroke. After an MRI several mini stroke scars were also discovered. Stents is a much more simple procedure than 4 bypass repairs. So ask your Doctor if he does not give you a good answer fire him and find a good one. It is your life.
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