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swank vs paleolithic

I have purposefully ignored information about diet and MS for fear that I would find such contradictory theories as I have with these two popular MS diets. I already eat reasonably healthy and exercise often.  But now that I have stumbled upon this information, I am wondering what you guys think about it? Anyone tried either?
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I go with well balanced diet myself. I gradually started eating more varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and organic meats. I go to the farmer's market. When I go to the grocery store now I go to fruits vegetable, meats and, dairy, all perimeter. I skip all the inside. I did this slowly. I was the ultimate junk food junky. Now I can't stand foods I used to love.

I have perfect blood work including vitamin D with out supplements. I am into common sense over Diets.

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>>. I am into common sense over Diets.

i seconde this. i try to eat clean and have the occasional chocholate. supplement with vitams and such.

the same eating habits the world has been talking about since the written word. common sense as HVAC so eloquently puts it
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I eat like Alex.  Always have.  For a month, I did a paleo diet, eliminating dairy, gluten eggs.  It was just veg, fruit, nuts and lean meat.  It did nothing to help my MS symptoms, but I noticed the elimination of dairy, gluten and eggs was much easier on my digestion.  

Since I've stopped such a rigorous regimen, I've slowly added these things back to my diet, and have decided FRESH dairy products just don't agree with my system.  Cultured stuff like cheeses and yogurt seem to be OK in small amounts.  I've avoided white flour and white sugar like the plague for 10 years, now.  I see no reason to add them back.  

I did add whole grains back to my diet without consequence.  I don't eat as many eggs as I used to, but I haven't eliminated them entirely.  Maybe one a week.

But this is just me.  You need to experiment systematically to see what works for you.  
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thanks... it seems that i have found tons of anecdotal support for both diets. it seems like some real studies wouldnt hurt.  the dairy/gluten/legume-free theory is interesting though.
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First of all, I am not diagnosed. However, I am a "Wait and see" patient. I refused to sit and do nothing, so I got the Swank book and read it. I was convinced that by following this diet, at least I was doing something for my health. The book is quite clear that it can take up to 18 MONTHS before any improvement is seen. Most people get impatient and give up. Don't.

After approx. 18 month all my symptoms were gone. Yes, it took a long time, and yes, I can't eat chocolate or ice cream, etc. any more. So what? For the first time in years my hands/feet don't tingle or feel numb. I have strength in my hands, my fatique is hugely reduced (although GETTING LOTS OF REST is just as essential as changing your diet).

I know that lots of people pooh-pooh diet changes, but they do work for a lot of people. At first it was difficult getting used to the diet changes, but now it's super easy. My husband does it with me, and we are loving our food. It's really just a strict Mediteranean diet, so don't freak out about it. Some people use no dairy, I just use non-fat dairy. Do what feels best for you.

Look, it can't hurt you, but it could help you. Your choice!
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