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I got my result of my t-spine MRI and everything looked fine.  MY c-spine was good too except for a mild bulging disk.  
I have a lot of trouble with numbness in my arms, neck, mid back.  I was expecting something to show up. A pinched nerve or something.  
My MRI was done on a 1.5 t.  I am wondering if something might show up on a stronger machine. It is odd that I'd have this numbness when my back seems to be in good shape.

This is the report:   "Findings

The contour and signal intensity of the spinal cord are within normal limits.  There is no disc protrusion.  There are no intradural masses evident. There is no abnormal contrast enhancement visualized."

Diagnosed MS 2-13-2008   started Avonex.......

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Hi There La

Nice to see you.  I am glad to hear that your MRI
results are not too bad.

I see you have a buldging disk in C spine.
I have them also. I have had surgery on one that
herniated a few years back.

I will tell you that I did have problems with numbness
in arms hands. for some time before surgery.

With a buldging disk, it could possibley pinch a nerve
or put some slight pressure on spinal cord if you over do
things too much.
I find that it especially aggravates my buldging disk in my
neck, with lifting, or using the weedeater and vacumeing.

with the numbness in mid back Im not sure about that,

I wonder if you doctor might do a lumbar MRI?
Are you having any pain in hips legs feet?

My neck has been very sore the last 4 days, not feeling
up to par.

Try to take it easy abit.                           Gollie
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Hi Gollie,
The disk bulge in my c-spine is mild and the report said it was not pushing on any nerves.  The doctor didn't think that would be the cause of my numbness since it was so mild. So I am not sure. I will see the Ms doctor again in a couple of weeks. She should be able to pull all of this together for me...I hope.

I am afraid she is going to make me go for the LP.  I am already dx'd so I am going to tell her if it is not going to make a difference in my DX then I'd rather skip the LP!

I am not sure about the lumbar.  I had one done about 6 years ago when I started having some trouble with my lower back and leg but that MRI was ok also.  

I did have pain in my lower back at that point but that did not last very long.  I had been to my PCP several times about the pain and he said the MRI was ok and that I might go to a pain clinic if it did not get better.

I have a friend who started out with his MS thinking it was a pinched nerve and he has surgery.  They did MRI's are that point and there were no signs of anything.  

About 2 years after his surgery he was dx'd with MS and lesions were starting to show up.  He has been in a downward spiral ever since.  He is actually total care now. It is not a good situation. :( But I think it is a rare form of MS.

I think I finally got the funding for my Avonex figured out. I filled out a bunch of paper work and sent it back in today. It looks like I can get help with my co-pay. That will be good.


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Well that is good that your doc already said that the
bulge isnt bad enough to cause that.

One of mine are pressing on the spinal cord but not
enough to do surgery. so it can get pretty sore some

Im sure you Doc will be able to help sort this.

Sorry to hear about your  friend.  That is so sad.


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I was wondering with the bulging discs is a CT scan enough to show what is really going on with them? Like would a CT scan show if a nerve is being pressed on etc. I had CT scans of lower back and neck and have bulging discs but I am not sure whether an MRI would be better now. The Internal Medicine specialist told me I had a disc pressing on the sciatic nerve that is why I have pain all down the back of my right leg and so many problems with my right leg??????? I have never had a pain down the back of my right leg or left for that matter and have never had sciatica, so it has lead me to ask about CT scans and what they can show because it sounded like he was making stuff up.

LATW I do not pretend to know too much but have read many posts and have heard that a T3 MRI is best and often the 1.5 machines miss things.



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The way I understand it is a CT scan shows finer detail that an MRI doesn't.  I think the CT scan is good for small things like blood vessels and what your doctor was looking for.

I do NOT know this for sure.  I just remember hearing that an MRI looks at things in a different way than a CT scan.

I would post this question under a new post so maybe others will see it and can answer.

I have thought about seeing if there is a T3 in my area.  

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