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tingling tongue

Hi All,

Along with all my other ms symptons, I have had something new for a couple weeks now.

The top of my tongue feels like its tingling, like when your a kid and eat one of those lollies called fruit tingles.

Also the back of my throat feels it as well, and when I take a deep breath, it feels like I'm inhaling chemicals, or like I have held a battery on the top of my tongue.

I also happen to know that tonge tingling is also another ms sympton.....

Am I correct in this?

Thanks again...
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Hi Melissa,

Tongue tingling can be a MS symptom but it can also occur with some types of migraine headache and even other causes.  If you google BAM Migraine headaches, and even Hemiplegic migraines etc. it will give you some of the symptoms of this type of headache, from memory you have no weakness? Just pins and needles?  sensory stuff?

Worth a read, also you can get migraines without the headache. My neuro reckons I get migraine headache with or because of my TM (possible lesion in spine) and this is what causes my tongue to be tingly..? I am not implying that your problems are migraine but I wouldn't assume every symptom is just from MS either. I would go back to your neurologist.

I remember you were procrastinating if to go back and have another MRI on a T3 machine?  I would go for it Melissa, what have you got too lose.  If the MRI is normal I would then discuss your concerns etc. with your neurologist as to if he/she thinks it could still be MS etc.?  Have you had a Lumbar puncture done?

Your symptoms could be MS but they might be something else too. Worrying only makes things worse.  I have had lots of MRI scans and will continue to do so at the neurologists advice.  My scans have been normal but they haven't totally ruled out MS. Hope this has helped

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Udkas mentioned migraines as a possible cause of the tongue tingling, but there are really tons of possible causes anything from vitamin deficiency to psychological causes. Have you been checked for a B12 deficiency?

I have the tongue tingling too.  I have had it for several months now, some days being less bothersome than, others, but it's definitely become chronic.  I finally begged my primary doctor to do a thrush or yeast infectiection test even though my oral exam didn't show obvious white patches.  Well, the test came back positive showing a fungal infection.  You might want to ask your doctor about doing this.  

In my case the medication they gave for the fungal infection only helped temporarily.  But, I don't think it is totally a fungal infection in my case.  I just happened to have been diagnosed with MS very recently and am wondering myself now how much this could be related to MS rather than something else.  That might be a question I bring up with the neuro next visit.

In your case it has only been a couple of weeks, so try to get yourself tested for other causes so you can maybe get proper treatment and get over it before it really becomes chronic.  It is a miserable symptom for sure and really affects my ability to taste. I hope you find an anser and better yet, a solution to this.  If you do, please let me know.  

Be well,


Can this be an MS symptom?  Very possibly it can be tied to neurological cause, which MS is neurological of course.
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Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to add to be careful it's not an allergy of some sort.  Have you changed any meds or eaten anything differently?  

Not to say this is what it is, but sometimes, we forget how quickly an allergy can come on - even when it's something we've eaten or taken for a long time....


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My daughter's boyfriend has a nut allergy and as soon as he even has something with a slight trace of nut in it he gets the tingling tongue and the problem with the back of the throat, but I am not sure how long it lasts for, but I know my daughter has similar problem with cat hair and if she is coming into malting cats she can feel like it for weeks.

I think when we are all dealing with MS we assume that everything is caused by the MS and it might well be the case but sometimes we can get other things wrong with us too and not all things are specific to just MS. I guess it doesn't hurt to keep our minds open.  My prob is my Dr tends to blame everything on MS/TM? when sometimes I think this is the easy option.....


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Thanks for posting back so soon, I have absolutely no one here to discuss this with, its been a long 2 years and everyone seems to have forgotton about it, and my hubby is good but he really doesn't understand.

I will contact my neuro.
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