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trigeminal neuralgia?

I have been having intermittent pain in my teeth. specifically, two of my upper teeth for a little over a year.  They are pushing out a little and I could use some braces to straighten them.

I also grind my teeth when I sleep and have for years.

sometimes, the pain in my teeth makes me feel like my jaw is out of alignment. and sometimes I have pain that radiates up my jaw into my ears and in my cheekbones

some days, they drive me crazy, but other days they won't bother me at all.

I never suspected it being a nerve problem until doing a lot of reading... I just always assumed it was because I needed braces or the grinding.

Does it sound like it could be trigeminal neuralgia at all? Or more like an old fashioned tooth problem?
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Yup, this is an area where it is notoriously hard to pinpoint the cause of pain.  Problems with the teeth should be the first ruled out because they have the most objective criteria to show disease.

If your teeth all check out okay, then you can move on to investigate other potential causes.  Hope you find the cause and cure quickly.

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Your symptoms might be TN but they could could also be issues with the teeth grinding or issues involving your TMJ (temporomandibular joint).  The TMJ is known for causing your type of pain as is TN.

A visit to a good dentist is in order to help weed out some of the possibilities and whelp you get a diagnosis.

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It might be TN....but...I'll state the obvious, you need to get a dentist to check your teeth, and your jaw.

I have TN pain as one of my MS symptoms, and I control it, and other aches and pains, with Gabapentin, prescribed by my Neuro.

If the dentist feels it's TN you may need to go to a neurologist for treatment, but I'm not sure on this point.

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