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virus? herpes?

OK here's one for the forum to take with a pinch of salt, was just chatting with a friend about MS ,who says that he heard MS was caused by the herpes virus being sexually transmitted, I didnt know what to say back and had a bad attack of the giggles, but felt so insulted at the same time, what do you guys make of that?
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Phfttttt.... Is what I have to say.  Very ignorant remark. Probably heard something about the Epstein bar virus(hepes symplex virus) and assumed it was the STD Herpes.  Just let that one roll off your shoulders :)  A lot of silly presumptions out there. BTW Hi.  Hope you are doing well. :) I lurk a lot due to having an iPhone(it is hard to type very much) and work keeping me away. But I am always not far away.
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MS is NOT sexually transmitted from an STD.  Tell that person they are an idiot.That's one kind of rumor we don't need.  Right?

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thanks for the posts, for a moment there i did start to wonder if i should go to std clinic, i really dont want to speak to him again ,goodness knows what he will be saying about me to people now, i think the giggles was just nerves i really didnt know what to make of it... im so glad im in a good relationship with my partner, thank you so much for the input , you have put my mind at ease. thank you again
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I can only think of one way that Herpes could be connected to MS.  I've read that a contracting a virus can cause a MS exacerbation.  

That would mean a person would already have MS, and if they contracted the Herpes Virus or had an outbreak of the virus, it could lead to an exacerbation.

It takes a twisted mind to turn that into HSV causes MS.

Sometimes things get twisted as information gets passed along, like kids playing the old game "telephone".  

I love how this forum clears up a lot of misconceptions!

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I have recurrent cold sores and have most of my life.  It is called Herpes Simplex1, which means mouth cold sores.  If I have ANY symptoms that a sore is coming on, I immediately use Zovirax prescription ointment, since getting one of these mouth sores will ALWAYS result in a flare up of my MS.

In case someone does not know this...let me be very frank and open here.  If you experience such mouth ulcers you CAN pass it on to another, either through kissing when you are having an outbreak or engage in oral sex.  I'm sorry to be blunt, but I felt this needed to be said.

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Good point, Heather.

I contracted HSVII in my hand when I was a dishwasher with dermatitis.  The only way I figure that happened is someone had oral sores and I contracted it through a break in my skin from the dermatitis.  It bears telling that it works both ways; the STD form of virus can be transmitted to the mouth as well.  It is always wise to be careful and safe.

I was lucky to never have passed on the HSVII to another or myself orally or vaginally, as it took years to diagnose, being a most peculiar presentation.

After it was figured out, I learned about finger cots and gloves and such, and how to protect myself and those I cared about.

About eight years ago, the virus moved from my right hand to the left side of my face.  The hand outbreaks disappeared.  

I bring this up because, although I take a prophylactic dose of Valtrex daily, I had an outbreak on my face when I was in Palm Springs (sunshine can sometimes activate the virus).

A few days later, I had sharp pains in my bladder, a buzzing/tingling sensation between my legs, and increased frequency and urgency.  This was accompanied by more fatigue.  I had a Urinalysis and Urine culture, both of which were clear.

It is my belief that my outbreak caused an exacerbation of the MS that I haven't been diagnosed with yet.  My neuro suggested I double my dosage of Valtrex to better prevent outbreaks, then later told me she doesn't think I have MS. My PCP wants me to only double my dose during an outbreak, but to continue the higher dose until the outbreak is completely resolved rather than the usual five days double dose.  After Palm Springs, I had a new outbreak on top of the old one, and I woke up a few days later with my tremors really bad again.

Thanks, Heather, for letting me know that what I read is true; a virus can cause a flare.

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Any thing that causes the immune system to ramp up its activity can cause a flare-up, (also called an attack, a relapse, an exasperation).

The commonest thing is ANY infection, even colds, urine infections.  But, the flu, an abcess, bronchitis, Herpes outbreak, ANY infection.

Other things that cause the immune system to act up include vaccinations.  The puepose of a vaccination is to force the immune system to make antibodies.  But, for the most part the reaction to vaccinations is far less than it would be to the infections that the vaccine will prevent!

Also, after childbirth, the immune system gets active.  During pregnancy the immune system is suppressed so that the mother does not reject the baby.  It get going again after delivery and this is a prime time for either the first attack of MS symptoms or for a relapse.

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thanks guys, things make more more sense now, like when i get a virus it will hang around for months, I dont have a flu jab anymore because it gives me flu, the last one i had i was ill for about 3 months it seems that i cant fight off viruses very well.
My best health ever was when i was pregnant but after giving birth was very poorly, they put it down to depression, which it wasnt because i had a new little bundle of joy!! :)
hugs to all
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I don't usually get cold sores, but the strange thing is about a week into the only attack I have had two years ago, while in the hospital my mouth broke out horribly with cold sores. Could this have been the epstein bar virus? Is the epstein bar virus the same thing as the herpes simplex virus? I have always wondered if this outbreak of cold sores, that is unusual for me, could have something to do with what caused this attack?

My Neuro thinks that I had ADEM, Is the epstein virus a trigger for ADEM too? I know that ADEM can be triggered by viruses and immunizations, So I guess it is possible!

Quix said that the immune can rare up with immunizations, but I wonder if it can happen with a medication reaction too? I had a medication change 6 weeks prior to the attack also, And have always believed that either a reaction to the new med or a withdrawl from the old med had something to do with this. I was not tappered on or off either medication, which were SSRI's. The Zoloft I had been on for 14 years before being abruptly took off only to be started the very next day on Paroxetine at a pretty high dose.

I have been wondering about these two factors ever since the attack happened. I asked my neuro, but he only said that it has never been documented with these medications before. All of my doctors have made comments that lead me to believe that they think that the medication change and the way it was mishandled may be related to what happened. But none of them will confirm it for sure.

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The flu vaccine is made from a 'dead virus'.  Non active.  It is still recommended by the great majority of Neurologists for anyone fighting a chronic illness.  This includes people that have Multiple Sclerosis.  

While last year's flu vaccine did not protect us from the strain of flu that actually occured, I still take a flu vaccine every year.  I have nothing more than a sore arm a couple days after the shot.  Remember all, the flu vaccine is made with a non active virus.  The body makes anti-bodies to the strain of flu that the CDC decides in advance, will probably hit the country overall.  True some people may be senstive to receiving the flu vaccine since it may ramp up the immune system.  But, it is rare.  I prefer to err on the side of caution, because the actual flu can make you very, very sick and having MS, I certainly do not want a terrible flare up to start in the meantime.

My two cents worth...


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I really dont have the flu jab anymore it really does play havoc with my system and makes me really poorly, my doc said that i was proberly incubating it anyway and the jab didnt help. i have had chicken pox 3 times, mumps 1, measles and rubella which im supossed to be imune to? cold sores are a huge problem to me, it would seem if there is a virus going then i tend to get it, i even had the norvork virus which was horrendus.
hugs CJ
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