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went to see the dentist

hi everyone i posted about a monthe ago complaining of my tooth pain i keep getting this pain on the right side upper and lower feels like the nerve roots of my teeth it is very painful. anyways i did post about this awhile back. saw the dentist today he did a very thorough exam and xrays he cannot find anything wrong with my teeth , no cavities    no problems he reassured me that there is nothing wrong with my teeth he did xrays as well but can not find anything wrong. but i continue to have this pain feeling like half my mouth is full of cavities.
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Gee, imagine that. Baclofen to the rescue again. I couldn't believe how many of my symptoms improved when I started taking it. Even the neuro was surprised. Bladder issues, vision issues, spasms, paresthesias, headaches caused by spasms, and radiculopathies. It's been a knock out for so many things. And I can still tell when it's time for another dose. My body's response to it wearing off keeps me compliant. There are moments when there are break throughs, however, usually during a new run of the fever, or whenever a new symptom shows up.

I did have a wisdom tooth impacted that when removed relieved the pain. I didn't believe her when she told me the wt was causing the pain, until after it was removed and it disappeared.

I did also get relief from this type of pain from one of those mouthguards for grinding/clenching issues. However, the jury is still out on whether or not that was the beginning of a TGN issue. Because it has since gotten worse, after having relief initially. Maybe the two are related somehow. TGN causing muscle spasms triggering a pain-spasm-pain cycle, etc.
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Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) can cause tooth pain on the upper and lower jaws.  Oh, and you can treat trigeminal nueragia and atypical facial pain with:  (wait for it)  Baclofen !!  

Sorry for the joking, but really,,,, this is something you should conside contacting your Neurologist about.  Baclofen is a second line drug that can be used to TN.  The first line drug is Tegretol.  Impacted wisdom teeth would show up on an x-ray and trismus.  Grinding typically causes TMJ type pain at the hinge of the jaw,  TN and Atypical Facial pain are typically related to demyelination

The Trigeminal Nerve is Cranial Nerve 5 (CN5) and the Facial Nerve is CN7.  Cranial nerves are part of the CNS.

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A question for you, do you grind or clench your teeth at night or have an impacted wisdom tooth? These are other things that have caused this same pain for me in the past.
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Hi Mary. Mine started doing the same thing right before the big scary. I had it in the upper canines on both sides. My dentist was watching a possible cavity on the one side, but not the other. So it was perplexing that it happened on both.

Funny thing, when I started the baclofen, that pain went away and remains so now two months later.

I've been thinking about following up with the dentist to be sure there isn't a cavity brewing on the one side. But am afraid to get a shot in the nerve. I had a bad case of bell's palsy 20 years ago after a wisdom tooth extraction. Scared the crap out of my neighbor kid when I answered the door. LOL.
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