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why does this happen to me?

I was just feeling better today, ready to tackle chores and all of a sudden my head was hurting, my teeth & even where I have no teeth, feeling sick, my chest hurts......and no, its not a stroke, I have done this before.

But it was just so sudden....

any takers?

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At least I don't think so..another thought  I had was how do MS'ers ven know if the are having a stroke, we have a lot of those symptoms anyway ?

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Good quesiton, Meg.  That is why with questions about the heart, we always should not take it for granted and seek immediate medical help.  There are signs that something is a stroke that the medical personnel recognize immediately , the clues they use spell FAST

F = face, is one side drooping? is there a dramatic changes?

A= arms. can the person lift their arms and keep them equal?  If one drifts downward, that may be a sign of a stroke.

S= speech.  Is the speech slurred or doesn't make sense?  

T = remember that TIME is so imporatant.  There are drugs to use in conquering the problems of a stroke and breaking apart clots, but they must be given within a few hours of the first signs of a stroke.

I hope this helps, Meg.  If you think you might be having a stroke, don't delay in getting help.

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Thanks, Lu, I am not sure but I have been sick since and I am terrified of pneumonia, so I asked for some antibiotics from my primary and he called them in.

However, my MS Dr. wants a chest xray and check up just to verify what is really going on.  I have been trying to get an order from him for yesterday and today with no response.   I will stay with it.

My primary Dr. here is not happy with me seeing other specialists in SF and has told me as much.  I am not sure what he is thinking, he is such a child.  There are no good Drs. in this area at all or I would change Dr.'s.

I get a lot of help from UCSF but they are 3 hrs away to go see all the time.  But we can do a lot on emails..

hugs, meg

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I will be going to my cardio tomorrow however....

hugs, meg
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