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wrong word...

Are you all aware that you've used the wrong word? I never remember.
Thanks and happy holidays.
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I'm not always aware, most just probably slip through without getting any attention but when they are soooo not the right word, the look of total confusion usually clues me in. When I've blanked and lost a word and i'm stuck hunting it down, if I can't get it back quick enough. I will usually admit that i've lost my word or say "i want to say xxx but i know thats wrong" or "whats the word that means xyz" and someone typically fills in the blank for me.

Hot days like today, make this worse lol

Ho Ho Ho...........JJ
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DH always seems to correct me, probably to bring me back to reality (giving him the benefit of the doubt here) but sometimes i realize it like JJ and I double back with something I think is cute to cover it up!  but yeah, sometimes I'm not aware of it at all
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aware if what?  ;-)
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happens to me all the time, I don't know if it's MS or my age??  My hubby corrects me to, not to be mean, but to let me know ..

hang in there
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I don't work anymore, otherwise this phenomenon would bother me more...  My sense of humor is pretty twisted, so when I substitute a wrong word (usually WAY off target) it can strike me as hilarious!  (Not always though.)

When our congregation has a Bible study session, I'm afraid to answer- because I have no idea what is going to come out of my mouth.  It diesn't seem very funny to me then.
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It's just that most of the time I think I used the right word even after being told I didn't and the word I actually used.  I've come to the point where iv stopped thinking I'm being teased, but I still catch myself wondering.

Doc keeps telling me I'm too young for cognitive problems.  I told him I'm too young for any of this.
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I recently had the experience of hearing another word used, and feeling as if I'd been searching for that word for ages.  The only trouble is that I can't remember it now!
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I have gone through spells like that and it fortunately doesn't last for me.  What I seem to do even more is type wrong words - the other day I caught one - I was writing about the high cost of gas and how it is hard on the younger people in my family, but instead I typed ..."the price of gas does keep the young people in my office..."  and I then went on to write about the cost at the bump instead of the pump.

the more uptight I get about the wrong words, the worse it becomes- for me it is definitely stress related.
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I use the wrong word on occasion and it when it happens, it draws a strong response from people. I am totally unaware of having used the wrong word and it is completely different from searching for a word.

The other day I was talking about baking Hungarian cookies for Christmas and instead of saying "nutballs" I said "meatballs". It rolled right off my tongue and my sister was practically rolling on the floor.

Not long ago I was talking about Target and used the name Caldor instead. Caldor went out of business in 1999! I did this not once, but twice within several weeks.

Heaven knows how many times I have done this with people being polite and not saying anything. The only way I know it has happened is when people comment.

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Sounds familiar. I have the scanning episodes, the wrong but close episodes,  and the what the @?!! episodes. The last two I have no idea of.

Most days are a lesson in humility.
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This happens to me all the time and is a significant problem.  Usually my kids are quick to let me know that I've said it wrong (while laughing at me, of course) but they are learning to speak my language and fill in the blank with the right word when they can.  

I am waiting for a neuro psych exam which will hopefully help.  If you haven't had one already maybe you should see if your doctor will refer you for one.  

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