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Forearm Pain.

Hi, I'm just going to paste this from my previous post on a bodybuilding forum;

- pain; localized, top / interior brachioradialis approx 2" in from elbow.
- frequency; non resting, during flexion subjected to any kind of opposing force / resistance.
- sensation; almost dull, but severe corked / bruised feeling. not sharp or burning.

The injury was caused by repetitive strain;
- continually holding my newborn in the same position.

As she got heavier and my arm became more strained, i began feeling the pain.
With increased use i now cannot do things like close the car door or pick things up.

I feel my doctor has misdiagnosed the issue as tennis elbow;
- in an unrelated injury i have experienced this.
- it is in the wrong area and it is not the same sensation.

Also reading above regarding nerve entrapment;
- due to other unrelated injury i have undergone ulnar nerve release surgery.
- i have experienced nerve entrapment, this is not nerve related.
The guy with radiating pain throughout the arm may well have a nerve injury, i know i don't though.

Thats about as much info as i can think to provide.
Any help would be much appreciated.

NB; have not trained during the time since my daughter was born.
No heavy lifting of any kind has contributed to my current condition.
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Sorry for the delay in response.

Without further testing ( muscle biopsy, MRi, etc ) it's difficult to tell what is going on in there.

The reason for the pain could be the brain playing a trick on you...you were in pain for so long that the brain expects the pain to be there. Can't remember off hand what they call it.
This does not seem to be the problem from what I have read though.
Ask you physician to send you to a neurologist, or someone who specializes in Muscular Dystrophy. Demand testing.
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