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Has anyone here ever went to a Concert in their lifetime? If so, what was it like?
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Wonderful..The Los Angeles Philharmonic  I am a patron... I have also been to the Hollywood Bowl during the day to watch them rehearse ...I am a lover of Ballet and have watched the Swan Like Ballet many many times , once in London with Margo Fonteyn and Nureov ...
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Swan lake Ballet ....
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I have been to dozens of concerts   all rock shows and they were great..many of them i can't remember much but they tell me i had a good time
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yep been to concerts when i was young. Don't go anymore though. My cousin is still going she never stopped. I should probably go once and a while now though. I think my husband would like that too maybe.

But what i remember about concerts is all piling into someones car and going thru the Lincoln Tunnel. It was always a thrill to see  the band that you liked playing live....the only thing that bothered me is if i thought they sounded better on the album.

i remember seeing "Ten Years After" and they sounded like what they sounded like on the album more than any of the other bands i think. That was a good band.
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Saw Skid Row and Pantera in my younger days
Rob Zombie was the most interesting
The OffSpring in Vegas
James Taylor
Linda Ronstadt
Always go to Concerts in the park in the summer
and see the bands play at the Irish Faire every year.
Saw Jewel play at a coffee shop when she was living out of her van.
I worked security for Peaches and Herb and the Violet Burning.
More I can't remember, all wonderful experiences.
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Oh and Oz Fest a few years in a row:
SlipKnot (not my fave)
Iron Maiden
Lots more.  I went more for the people watching than the bands.
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hey did anyone ever see River dance live and what happened to them?
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I've been to numerous concerts. The best so far, have been:

The Carpenters (1973)
Elton John (1975)
Paul McCartney (1980)
The Rolling Stones (2005)
Madonna (2008)
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I have seen a good mix of all kinda of music

Bon Jovi (seen them at least 4 times they are my all time fav)
Skid row ( with bon jovi)
White Snake
Bryan Adams
ok now no laughing.......
Mc Hammer
New Kids On The Block ( I took my nieces )
I haven't went to a show in years I would love to see
Bon Jovi again of course, Daughtry, and Danny Gokey
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pink floyd live at the sun bowl august 97 best show i've ever seen
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ive been to see blondie back in the eighties
ive seen hawkwind live at trewoggie tree fair in liskeard in cornwall(a hippie festival) newage travellers
plus others at glastonbury
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May 25th 1977   LED ZEPPELIN.....no more need to be said
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