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Music and Emotions...

What songs make fuel your anger?
Make you happy?
Make your self esteem go up?
What song do you play when your sad?
What song reminds you of your significant other?
What songs calm you?
What songs do you play when you want to think?

I realized how music can have such an impact on us and I think everyone has a song for each.
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enjoyed your song!
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I guess the best way to see what i was talking about above is to see my profile and you can read my lyrics. later i will make an mp3 and post it on my profile too. humorous love song to my stent.
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this is a great thread on the forum here. I also love music, play a little piano still, recently had stent put in after recent heart attacky, and am wondering where i can share my lyrics i wrote about "My Stented Heart" -- it;s just some words like a poem i put together with humor about surviving a heart attack, i am not a pro musiicna and there won't be a real song from this, but if anyone is interested, i would be happy to share a link to my lyrics of the song. NOTE: I am NOT looking for a recording artist and this is not a commerical post here, purely heart attack survival humor. It's like a love song to my stent, would love to hear feedback. how did i post the lyrics here? I don't want to post something that is not acceptabel here. May I?
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great question...
I was with my cousin recently and she still listens to most of what I used to listen to alot. So now that I came back home from visiting her, I am still playing the old stuff that we were listening to that I always loved: Peter Framptom - Show Me the Way - always makes me happy - puts me in a really good mood.  Stevie Wonder - Living for the City - puts me in a great mood too. So many - too many to mention. Rolling Stones, ELO, Dylan, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter and on and on........

songs that fuel anger - disco or folk type music - makes me anxious. Except for Barry White, I actually liked his disco type songs. He was a really great musician IMO I guess thats why I liked him.

songs that I play in order to think are Christian instrumental.

Songs that calm me - Christian songs
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Right on!!!  In my teens, I realized that hard rock music moved me to think I was 'all that"...ready to do battle, etc.  I was invincible!!!!!!!  Music impacts our lives!!  We are made to sing and there are ways to do so like dancing :-))))

Self-esteem- Enigma songs, Indian Chant, Brule music, most Christian Music
Some new-age music and classical calm me..Canon in D Major by.Pachebel and Kitaro, Yanni, etc.
Sad ones:  Valley of the dolls dionne warwick, One by 3 Dog Night, Honey by Bobby Goldsboro, songs like that....so many over the years (dating myself...lol) Glen Campbell (by the time I get to Phoenix, Witchita Lineman, Galveston, Yesterday when I was young,  Moon River......better stop or I will be weeping
Inspiring songs :  True Colors by Cyndi Lauper, Beautiful Person-- Rilee O'Neill along with Together We can Change the world, Sissel - Climb Every Mountain, What a Wonderful World--Louie A., You raise me up,  most Christian Songs...Third Day ..Your love Lord, Lord, Your Beautiful by Keith Greene.............
Happy ones:  Can't get over Bossa Nova, Christmas music :-))), Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport, Waltzing Matilda, My Mommy told me not to put Beans in My ears, Little Boxes, Don't worry be Happy.....so many :-))))
Thinking of significant other:  You are the sunshine of my life--Stevie W. :-))  Love songs definitely
Thinking music:  new age (too many to list), christian (too many to list), Everybody Wants to Rule the World...songs that speak of the human condition/desire for change and to love others
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Self Esteem:
Ain't no trouble to me
by Guy Clark

Baby don't let em' blow smoke up your dress
Don't let em' break your heart
Don't start thinkin' that life's a mess
You've done just fine so far
And when the ways of the world start getting you down
You're all our of repartee if your smile turns to a frown
It ain't no trouble to me


Trouble be gone, trouble be damned
Love be trouble free
Come on home any old time
It ain't no trouble to me
It ain't no trouble to me

I got a shoulder with your name on it
Should a tear come to your eye
I got ears that hear anything you fear
And a tongue that will not lie
Yeah, I'm gonna love you till the day I die
That's a guarantee
Tomorrow be another day
But it ain't no trouble to me
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I love this question.

*songs that fuel anger... well, I find Rap music to be very annoying.
*songs that make me happy... the earlier Beatles songs, prior to the Rubber Soul album.
*songs for self esteem... I can't think of any songs that have that effect.
*song that makes me sad... "Without You" by Harry Nilsson and quite a few songs by the 70s rock group, Bread... many of their songs (i.e."Everything I Own," "Diary" and Lost Without Your Love") seem to be about break-ups and lost love.
*song that reminds me of a significant other... "The Right Thing To Do" by Carly Simon.
*calming songs... Gregorian chants.
*music to help me think... Disco.

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Goodness I have never thought about it ,soo I will need to reflect and get back .you are perceptive as music does reflect our emotions a lot ..
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