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Sober 27 years. 10 years ago, started gigging again after spending 18 month's off my feet, "Splendid isolation" post Hep-c treatment. Any ways, about 6 months ago, some jerk figures if I'm jamming like this, I must be doin' some good dope and asks me to cop for him. No problem there, I stare him down, do my coolest Clint Eastwood, and tell him to get lost. Staring at the white lines on the way home, it dawns on me, the last thing I need, is to be caught up in a bust, cause he ain't the only jerk in town. I'm getting ready to start the new hep-c treatment, and it's gonna be a *****, but got my best tunes outta the last one. I don't want to be stuck in the room w/the Tascam, 8 instruments and in deep need of some social contact, ie the stage, plus I dig people, drunk/using or not, but the hep-c meds makes me an easy target for fools as it give's me that Kieth Richards, torn and frayed appearance, not that I look much better anyways. I also don't want to be disrespectful by doing my thing and hittin the door right away. Ain't too much into knockin people out anymore either. All the folks I hang with "handle' their "thing" and respect me not showing my dark side, cept through the music, but I got this ability to make the lyrics come alive and it draws the wanna-be's. I ran outside the law for 17 years and stayed one step ahead, and that old gut feeling says, "time to hide out in the cemetary, they ain't talking there". Any Idea's? ..."oldsarge"
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