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vote rixsta for president...or guitar idol!

hey rikki heres the link bro,  http://www.guitaridol.tv/   thanks man....hey can i download your song or album somwhere,yeah that songs really well done,..very nice and your new singer is really good reminds me a bit of the singer from dream theater james la brie,ummm....actually your singers better.rock on brother!!riki out.
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Here is a direct to the high quality version...
Download it right on the player you see...
Thanks Man...
Im Going To Go Give Ya A Vote...
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Whats your name on youtube?
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I can get you alot of votes...
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oh sorry bro,the songs called "brother kev" r.i.p my you tube channel is songsforme1968.i got your song on my i.pod,those lyrics are mesmerising.take care bro .rixsta .
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