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Hallucinations and violent episodes

My 15 year old nephew has MDS and is currently on dialysis as well as antifungal medicine. He is also getting UV treatment to kill any bacteria in his blood. He contracted a deadly fungus in his throat. During these past 3 days he has started hallucinating and throwing violent fits. His speech becomes slurred and he doesn't make any sense. Then he will become completely unresponsive. They did an MRI and there was no signs of stroke or seizures. His vitals are good. The doctors are stumped. They do not know if it is the antifungal medicine or effects of dialysis. They are leaning toward dialysis and they say when flushing out the system, a disequilibrium can occur which means he is not getting enough liquid to his brain. This can cause these epsiodes. My family is besides themselves. He has been in the hospital for over 200 days now and he continues to contract rare side effects. Can anyone shed any light on why he is having these violent episodes where he thinks that he is someone else? Today he punched his mother and father and had to be tied to the hosiptal bed.
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Yes, dialysis can cause hallucinations, and so also deteriorating kidney function. Usually hallucinations and violence are seen in psychotic disorders, especially schizophrenia. Kidney failure can also precipitate schizophrenia like symptoms. The other possibility is a brain infection. Please discuss this with your nephew’s doctor. Take care!

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