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My sweet father

Hello everyone,
My loving, wonderful, kind hearted, young father is critical in the ICU right now. Back story: My dad never gets sick or goes to doctor, this is his first hospital stay. He started feeling not well 3 months ago and thought a bad sinus infection. Was put on antibiotics with no relief. Then he developed a swelling of his anal area and decided to go to ER.
ER tried to lance swelling and said no pus. His blood work showed low platelets(105), low hemoglobin (9.4) and high wbc (19).
They did a blood smear which showed blasts in his blood. He then had a bone marrow biopsy which showed <5% blasts but irregular shaped WBC and some large platelets.
Plan was to start outpatient tx for MDS once infection clears. PROBLEM now is that his WBC keep going up. His rectal swelling turned purple and the rectal doctor thought a pocket of pus hiding and turning necrotic. He rushed to the OR and they found that it was just cellulitis with hemmorrhagic swelling on top. THe wound tested for gram positive cocci which I believe he's already been on antibiotics for.
My concern is that his WBC are not working right and are we missing something. How can he start treating the MDS asap if he has an infection. WBC today 26, platelets 97,
hg 8.4. Fever. Feels ok though.
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Hi Sad Daughter,

I was one of them also when my beautiful mom was diagnosed with MDS. I know this was written in May, and am interested to find out how your dad is doing and if there has been a definitive diagnosis.

I am sure you may have already done this, but he needs to be seen by a Hematology Oncologist. They are the ones that can give you the information you are seeking.

I sincerely hope your father is in good medical hands and maintaining his health. MDS is a vastly complex condition and can lead to many forms of Leukemia .
May God Bless your father and your family.


P.S.--Have been where you are and feel so deeply for you. It is not an easy thing to watch a beloved parent go through profound life threatening illness. Stay Strong for him and your family!

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